Thursday, April 17, 2014

ALPHA: Build 18156

I will be discarding the normal song title nomenclature for builds to make it easier for people to ignore the posts (for obvious reasons.) Also, anything Garrison-specific will now be covered in depth at the other Website.

Highlights of this build (in this Parish) are as follows:

  • Totally awesome Twitter Peeps get a drink named after them
  • Cookery Recipes (at least a basic set) now exist, there appear to be some Tailoring Items Tailoring items too
  • Is there now actually a Horde Garrison in the Alpha files? (only one site is suggesting this, I'll wait for secondary verification before getting too excited). Names also seem to exist for Garrison 'families', plus a bunch of 'bonus loot when fighting X' titles appear to have been added (but again this is only showing on one datamining site at present so I'll wait for independent corroboration of this)
  • Events may well now actually exist to found your Garrison \o/

Wowhead have listed a ton of new phases in this post  (BE WARNED POTENTIAL SPOILERS EXIST THERE) which look like the leadup to the establishment of your Garrison proper. I could make some broad guesses at how the questline's going to run too, looking at these events, but it would all be MASSIVE SUPPOSITION and as a result, I'll go do it on the actual Garrisons site later. For now, this is very encouraging news because it looks as if we're getting closer to having the Garrison ready to play in Alpha \o/

  • There appears to be a new 'Personal' loot setting: what could this allude to?

    ERR_SET_LOOT_PUSH:: Looting set to Personal is a new datastring. It is actually surrounded by Garrison-related strings, yet when accompanied by such strings as DATAMINER_RED_HERRING:: There is no cow level you are immediately mindful of drawing all the wrong conclusions ^^ However, I'd like to know what this one specifically refers to (not the cows, the personal loot :P
  • Quite a lot of stuff seems to have changed for Druids ^^ There's a fair few class changes generally (though I don't see any Hunter ones) so you may wish to check these out.

Needless to say, as more stuff appears, we'll be poking it for you here :D

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Karragon said...

If memory serves (and it probably doesn't these days) wasn't there talk of being able to choose "personal loot" or "raid leader's choice" (group loot/master loot/personal loot) in raids?