Friday, March 28, 2014

To Build a Home :: Red Alert

Diggy Diggy Hole, Diggy Diggy Hole...

As I spent pretty much all of yesterday in a Sandbox (more of that later) I come to our weekly scheduled feature this morning with a distinctly different mindset. That's useful, because it transpires that the topic of the day is Resources (or should that be *are* Resources?)

I should complain more :D

This was big enough news after I posted my column last week to warrant front-page billing on MMO Champion. However it's been fair to say that Actual News [TM] has been very thin on the ground this last week, to the point I was scrabbling for content for my scheduled Azeroth in 5 broadcast. However, this admission *is* significant, because it means no-one will be able to build a head start with a nest-egg. Everyone's on the same playing field. That may not seem significant now, but in light of some comments that have surfaced this morning from another Developer Interview, it is clear Blizzard is not simply looking at the existing player-base when it considers content. In fact, this comment from Alex Afrasiabi was particularly telling:

  • Having to deal with all of the other things that are a part of coming back to the game along with levelling is too much for some people.

This should, of course, go without saying: this game is insanely complicated. It's never been an easy study and it is only when you place it against other titles does it become apparent just how much stuff you need to know to play Warcraft even halfway decently. I don't take this as a criticism of the game, far from it, but it did mean when I was trying to explain what my nine year old daughter needed to do when she started playing her Mage... well, let's just say a lot of detail can be left out, but you miss a great deal of the brilliance of the game itself. If for many players their first point of insertion into the game is going to include the Garrison, the LAST thing you want is to have to need a pile of gold to build from scratch. One assumes this resource is going to work in one of two ways: it'll either be lying around on the ground in huge numbers to pick up and supply your buildings at the base level or you'll be given a Follower/Followers to gather it for you, at a rate that will ultimately be really frustrating for most people but will act as a way of gating the content to ensure you don't have every L3 building the moment you hit L100.

Just be grateful you don't have to build everything from scratch...

Whatever happens, not having to worry about a huge amount of additional work when coming back to the game will be, I am sure for many, welcome news. Now all we need is some ACTUAL HANDS ON EXPERIENCE of the whole shebang to get a sense of what we'll actually be doing when Warlords go live...

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Jonathan said...

"it transpires that the topic of the day is Resources (or should that be *are* Resources?)"

Is that a rhetorical question? If not, then no, because the subject of the sentence is 'topic' which is singular, therefore the verb is singular.