Friday, March 21, 2014

To Build a Home :: Change

Crunch Time.

We discussed last week, on the back of the first actual evidence that Garrisons exist, what this feature could represent in terms of game-changing possibilities. As was discussed yesterday, there are only crumbs to work on for all of the Expansions new features: we continue to posses perilously little in terms of actual, solid facts. I suspect that's actually deliberate too, and that means this week's post isn't about speculation what we might get, or how it might affect all manner of other places. In fact, I was considering doing nothing at all this week because this is one area of the new game that's now impossible to deconstruct any further. There is nothing left to do now but wait. So why do we have this post to begin with?

Blizzard are off to PAX East next week, with their playable demo of the starting zones that journalists got to poke (and in some case show off their total lack of skills) a month or so back. It was mentioned by a couple of people at the time that features we really wanted to see (Toybox storage, Garrisons) made no appearance at all in this presentation, despite being bought up in discussion when Blizzard staff were interviewed. It is therefore fair to surmise that the reason for these items not being mentioned is they simply don't exist as usable or playable entities. If that is true then it must logically be feasible that when they're ready to go, Beta Time may not be far away.

What is apparent is that just because things are apparently finished, it doesn't mean Blizzard won't go back and keep fiddling until they're happy.


Out of the blue last night a set of re-rendered Dwarf female images appeared, which show considerable changes to facial expressions from previously. This is clearly on the back of criticism that this was lacking in the female models generally, and I for one am really pleased with the results we are seeing from these amended skins. It also shows that, if we needed it, this game is still being made. Blizzard (probably with considerable justification) will not launch until they ARE ready, and that means this is the only thing the team want to be working on until September. Although there is the part of me screaming NOW DAMMIT GIVE ME A BETA there is equally a very rational part of my mind which understands why I don't have a playable demo, and what has to be completed before that takes place.

So, unless Blizzard drop a metric crapton of Garrisons news on is in the next week, the speculation is done until I have the product IN MY HANDS, whenever that ends up being.

I have to believe it will be worth the wait.

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