Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Those We Leave Behind ::
Sneaking Out the Back Door


I asked for people last week to join me on the Old-Fashioned Journey of Levelling without a cash outlay and lo, it was GOOD because there's a ton of people who've expressed an interest to do so not just on this Website but their own. We'll do the first edition of My Little Hunter (Duplication is Magic) later today but to begin our journey, I'd like to introduce you to my good, dear friend Rel. You'll know him as @ReliqEU on Twitter or at his personal DK Website, Without further ado, let him fill you in on the start of his journey!


I am Bladevale of Shadowglen, a rogue of Teldrassil, and I have taken it upon myself as a duty to my Elven brothers and sisters to rid the world of evil by means of my skills in rogue-ing... in rogue-isity... in... being a rogue.  I'm young, as far as being an Elf is concerned, and I have committed myself to the task. But first, as a new adventurer, it seems I had to complete my training before the elders could permit me to leave Shadowglen.

This mainly consisted of 'cleansing' the forest around Aldrassil of critters which weren't really doing anything but were apparently corrupted. I've now been left with enough cat hair, spider hair and demon hair to make a very peculiar wig. But it's my duty. Part of my training confused me. Upon meeting the beautiful Lady Dentaria Silverglade, she informed me that Ivveron lay poisoned! Like, I could see he was looking a bit crook because he was just lying there moaning, but poisoned! Oh my goodness! 

She tasked me with collecting Moonpetal Lillies to aid in creating an antidote. But she was asking a lot of other people, too. Just how much antidote did she need? And, like, the lillies are RIGHT THERE. Dude is dying and she's standing there waiting for an apprentice to come along and pick flowers for her.


I did that, and then went and killed some spiders (FURBOLGS are corrupting them! Gnarlpine ones! How could the guards not spot ugly bear-type things running around Teldrassil with their bandy-legged waddle?) and then went back. And then I bid farewell to Lady Dentaria Silverglade (I wonder if I'll see her again?), as she had me climb Aldrassil, which I've never even had cause to climb before. It's a long way up, that's for sure.

There were whispers atop the tree amongst a couple of druids, untrusting of their current leadership... they heard me approach and stopped, so I continued on, pretending I didn't hear them. How curious... After speaking with the druid at the very top, the imposing Tenaron Stormgrip, he finally told me I'd completed my training in Shadowglen, and it was time to move on. I was needed elsewhere.

Now I'm leaving my little home. I've rarely been to Dolanaar before, never mind Darnassus. I'm worried. I've been warned of dangerous creatures, and am carrying precious things. I don't want to fail my first proper mission.

But it's a first step. 


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