Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Those We Leave Behind :: First Steps


My Hunter's become a bit of a Minor Celebrity :D


This is Garassah, my Draenei Hunter. She's levelled from 17 to 22 thus far, is wearing BRACERS WITH INTELLECT because I've not yet found any with Agility and was the character I began my Twitch career with yesterday to a surprisingly full Chat Room, because everyone has to start somewhere. She was the reason I decided to begin this feature, and a testament to the belief that actually, being out in the world's not really that bad to begin with. She inspired two people yesterday to re-roll and get back to Ashenvale (which is where I parked myself after my first successful round of levelling) and I'll try and keep pace with the zones and pick up appropriate gear as we make our journey South. Though I will admit now, 60-90's gonna be a right slog, and I suspect I'll need a bit of Moral Support (TM) to make it through there. I will probably be using my Monk as practice to make it through Everywhere But Azeroth.

Grats, Mon!

I'm using mining and skinning to supplement my wages, which is actually going quite well at present. I've been zoning back to Stormwind and riding over to Kalimdor every day (consider it as a commute) and I'll be doing the same when I've written this to sell off my spare gubbins before getting back to the process of levelling. No, it is certainly not the most time-effective use of my hours but if I wanted to do that I'd have just PRE-ORDERED THE GAME. I'll probably start converting ore to bars this week, and begin stockpiling leathers, but as there is no rush... well, you'll be able to watch me a fair bit, as I intend to stream this for a bit every evening. Feeel free to come with questions, I'll do my best to answer them as YES THERE WILL BE VOICE CHAT. For now, however, there is a lot of faffing.

Preferred Mount. FANCEH.

I'd like to thank at this point EVERYONE on this Journey with me, at whatever stage you happen to be. This isn't a contest or an exercise in 'winning', it is just about you and your character, and finding a place to be yourself in game. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I am, and I look forward to meeting you at 90 :D

Onward we go :D

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