Monday, March 10, 2014

This Week, I will be Mostly :: Too Low For Zero

And now the votes from the Grumpy Cat Jury...

Oh dear, another week goes by and frankly, I'VE DONE NOTHING ^^

Honest? Perhaps TOO MUCH.

Actually, that's not STRICTLY true. There has actually been some Dragonscale gatherage, but not nearly enough and that WILL change this week because I've still got the Shaman's Mog to deal with. I did go ahead and race change the Priest yesterday on the back of the Healing Dev Watercooler, and because her old mog did frankly unpleasant things to the poor lass' chest area I was forced into an unscheduled costume change there too. The result is, even by my standards, pretty awesome.

Holy-specced malevolence :D

I know I've done something right when Mr Alt remarks that this mog looks like tier. The Staff is a purely temporary measure, I have a plan to replace that as soon as I'm able to drag myself through the relevant dungeon:


Once the staff's obtained, there'll be pictures, don't worry, but you'll want to be running ICC for the headpiece, that much is certain. The plan after that for the next week is reasonably simple: DO SOMETHING. I've exceeded the 600k Gold threshold, so I could also do a bit of pottering towards that, or I could spend some to reduce my crafted mount total. If the 'boost to 90 thing' comes in on Tuesday (and there's a good chance it might) then I'll be thinking about a DK Mog as well... when actually I could be doing that to begin with... and this is my problem. Too many shinies, not enough hours. In the end I'll end up sorting one alt out somewhere, with bags properly cleared and space ready for filling with a bunch of dailies for hand-in, and then I will start mothballing people. But until we have a Beta on the table, that's not going to happen.

Faffing is most definitely the order of the week.

Oh, and I'm going to remog my Rogue as well. ARGH.

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