Monday, March 31, 2014

This Week, I Will Be Mostly :: One Step Beyond


It has taken fourteen of your English Days but *finally* I don't go absolutely everywhere and cough my lungs out when I arrive, so I think we can officially class myself as 'better.' Last week was all about other games too (and it is official, both Wildstar and Landmark are on the Roster at least for the foreseeable future.) However, where was I last night? I was in UBRS, farming blue scales for Transmog, so if any proof were needed I'm still in Warcraft away from the Guilde I've now committed myself to writing about surviving BEFORE Warlords, here we have it. Plus, I'm now the Minority Interests Correspondent for Sentry Totem.

This week, therefore, is going above and beyond the Call of Faffing to get some basic goals attained.

Levitating Large Objects a Speciality.

Picking the right goal to focus on is almost as important as setting them to begin with. In this case, I've decided to take just two from the pile: finishing mogs and levelling alts. It will be the ones closest to 90 who get the love as a result: the Priest above (currently 88) then the Druid at 86 and finally my Male Dwarf Hunter at 85. When I'm not doing this there will be collecting materials for Mogs (which will need the Priest and the Shaman running through the ICC 5 mans) and the creation of Dragonscale pieces, which netted me over 5000g at the weekend, which isn't at all bad for something I'm doing as a mogging project. There are also other advantages from running UBRS repeatedly, and although I won't make my fortune overnight this way, there's more than an eye towards speculation in my efforts. It's why all those Terrible Turnips are being put quietly away: they may not sell now, but give it a year... assuming, of course, the game is here in that time. That's the thing, you never know. That's how speculation works.

Worth more when it vanishes? We will see...

In the last month or so I've not pushed myself into doing anything with any focus, but this isn't going to be the case starting today I am well aware that the time I have in the next few months is going to be limited by Real Life concerns quite apart from any other games/events that might turn up to perplex me. The time to get organised, as a result, really is right no, and doubly so as there's not that many people about to be getting in the way of my farming spots and achievement mobs/requirements. Therefore, it is time to stop talking the talk and actually get on with the walking. Expect progress reports daily on Twitter.

Serious Stuff Just Got Serious.

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