Monday, March 17, 2014

This Week, I Will Be Mostly :: Impossible Princess

Well if there's no Beta ^^

I have taken my first step into a wider Universe.

Last night I did an hour of Hearthstone on Twitch, and it wasn't a total disaster. Therefore as a result today I will be in and out of my channel ( setting up Warcraft so that, starting TOMORROW morning I can begin streaming my Hunter's trip to L90. For those of you expecting to hear voice as well as chat: I'll get there eventually but for the next few days you're only likely to get some lovely music. Those of you paying attention will also notice that everything on the Blog's been moved down six inches, so if you come here wanting to see if I'm streaming or not, there's information at the top of the page to inform you of JUST THAT FACT. I've tried not to make things too showy as a result, and hopefully this won't detract from the entire watching experience for those of you who can't give a flying fruitbat about live streaming. Needless to say, this might have some value down the line :p

What this has *also* meant is that I've extracted the digit and finally sorted my Webpage out to accommodate a custom header. It is entirely possible this has already broken something on the Internets, but until such times as I can confirm this I will be using the new layout (FINALLY CENTRED LOGO YES) and my sense of balance will be assuaged after many months of getting mightily hacked off by code. Most of you probably never noticed, but it bothered the HELL out of me so to finally fix it is very, VERY satisfying.

What this does mean is that today (and I suspect the rest of this week) I will be doing an inordinate amount of really long-overdue website maintenance. However, there will be a Mogging Post later today and the first of our Levelling Adventures Guest Posts tomorrow. Your patience therefore whilst these essential works are completed are appreciated.

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catinglasses said...

It works fine on my tablet; seems to be loading a bit quicker.

However, I can't seem to get the Twitch app on it to find your channel. =(