Monday, March 03, 2014

This Week, I will be Mostly :: End of the Century

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Scales. You need quite a lot of them to make anything.

I sat down yesterday after I drafted this morning's post and made a list of exactly how many scales I'd need if I wanted to start making some of the Blue Dragonscale pieces. Both Shoulders and Chest take thirty apiece, and a brief one hour poke at UBRS yesterday evening tells me FOUR a trip is probably as lucky as I'm going to get. Therefore: FIFTEEN runs per two items, which is already not looking like the most economical use of my time between here and the Expansion. Therefore, this week I will be arranging myself so I can farm a little a day, shove it all off to my Pandarian L5 Bankalt who uses the AH in the Shrine (as he also has an Engineering skill) and then do a weekly 'Make Stuff, Sell Some and Stockpile the Rest' exercise without a bunch of needless faffing in-between.

In fact, this week is really going to revolve around deciding how I'll bring in the pennies before the Expansion.

REALLY proud of this :D

I hadn't intended to design a new Mog yesterday, but this happened for the Shaman (who will be the recipient of my first crafted pair of Blue Dragonscale Shoulders from Operation Make Stuff) and so I'll need to pop to the Faire this week to grab a Replica Vest of Elements to start this off. Don't worry, there'll be a post when its done, but what I am thinking of doing is putting together a set using the Red Chestplate that could vanish for one of the low-level hunters or even using pieces of the Black Dragonscale set. We'll see how the farming goes, I think. I'm also shockingly behind on Farms and gathering, so that will need some poking with pointy sticks to fix.

Could be worse, could be buried in a  rock ^^

I have an inordinate amount of RL faffing that needs to happen too this week, so how I fit everything in PLUS that will be yet another exercise in logistics. Remember also to say Happy Birthday to my daughter on Wednesday, who turns 9 in the same week I celebrate 9 years in the game.

Funny that ^^


Kamalia said...

That Shaman set is very nice indeed!

I didn't bother to get that Blue Dragonscale Shoulders pattern for my main leatherworker back in the day, and now I'm regretting it. I'm farming Thick and Rugged leather in Blackrock Spire anyway to powerlevel leatherworking on an alt; once I have enough of the blue scales, I should advertise in Trade for someone to make the Blue Dragonscale Shoulders for me.

crictime said...

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nice sharing