Monday, March 24, 2014

This Week, I Will be Mostly :: Dancing With Myself


Last week was a remarkably productive one despite the fact I've been the most unwell that I've been for some time. In good news, my voice (which pretty much vanished completely on Friday) is back and at least functioning again, I'm down to a one box of Tissue a day habit (from two) and I've managed a full eight hours of sleep despite the fact I'm still utterly knackered. This week, I am fully aware that I really need to start organising my life in Warcraft with a measure of urgency, and by that I mean clearing out crap, selling things I don't need, and generally sticking one eye distinctly towards the future. There's still no sign either of my Server being merged with anyone else's, so it might be time to start playing other people's AH's with some strategically placed L1 Bankalts for a bit of fun and profit on the Battle Pet front. More on that later in the week. For now, let's talk about food.

My favourite in-game reference.

I've decided to liquidate as much of my food 'stores' as possible into Deluxe Noodle Carts this week, and once they're gone, I will make no more food this Expansion. As it is an incredibly massive faff and we're not managing one Flex a week at present it seems sensible to clear the space, make all the stuff and just use it as is needed. If it ends up I need anything else I'll consider re-farming, but as it stands there is very little point. That means this week there will be some fishing and a lot of material movement from bankalt to P. Once that's done... well, I think we'll be back to levelling. In no particular order, the Priest needs to make it to 90, then the Monk, and finally the Hunter (which I intend to continue doing via Twitch in the evenings as schedules allow.) After THAT? Well, we have a Druid, another Hunter and a Paladin at 85. Yeah, they'll all get done, and I refuse to spend a single penny on any of them JUST BECAUSE.

Yes, I am *officially* a Grumpy Old Woman.

Well, there's a thing.

As there were no healers for Flex this weekend (again) a bunch of us went to Ulduar 25 instead, and 100 Achievement Points later I appear to hold the Realm First Celestial Defender Title for Shadowsong. Twice. Methinks the Armoury is a bit borked, but it'll be fun to throw the screenie around regardless. I also picked up the last two skins of gun/bow I've been missing from the Instance to add to the collection, so that's no bad thing in the long run. I should also congratulate both my mate J (slightly late) and Sarol the Wonder Paladin for both adding Legendaries to the Guild Tally in the last couple of weeks. At least it's a good time for catching up on stuff. Talking of which, I have two new Mogs waiting to go on various alts. Expect pictures this week.

Oh, and tomorrow should be quite interesting as well on the personal front. Watch this space.

Do I even need to say we could really do with a Beta soon? ^^

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