Monday, March 31, 2014

The Space Between :: An Introduction

Hasty Logo, Thoughtful Post :D

Before I get down to my normally scheduled Weekly Roundup, I'm slipping this idea in because people have asked me for it, and when you get more than one person enquiring 'How do you intend to survive in-game until Warlords?' I reckon that's a clue that there's mileage in a series. The thing is, I suspect most people will simply wander off and do something else, having bought their pre-order 90 [*] and then quickly losing interest, because Old Content is STILL Old Content, however much you try and dress it up otherwise. I, however, have NOT bought a Pre-Order, because I am aware, deep down, I'm not done in Pandaria yet. Therefore this series has been conceived as a recycling not simply of the Pandaran Preparation Guide I did last time, but of other elements of game knowledge, underpinned with one key fact that many people forget when their interest is simply in gaming as diversion.

The absolute BEST TIME to play in Azeroth is when no-one else is. 

In the weeks leading up to Warlords I'll be peppering the Blog with not simply suggestions of what to do whilst you wait, but tips to get your characters ready to go as soon as the Expansion finally drops, plus tips on picking up Achievements, finishing Professions and generally Mucking About In Game With a Purpose. For those of you not aware of the technical term for this, we refer to this process as FAFFING. It can be quite productive on servers where everyone else has popped off for a bit of a game break too, not simply in helping you farm for the gaps in your Achievement Lists or to pick up that hard-to-find Battle Pet. The absolute key to all of this however is learning to maximise the time you have Online, and to that end I'm going to ask you to do some homework before we start things off properly on Wednesday morning. Go find yourself a pencil and pad: doesn't need to be fancy, but does need to be you NOT writing into a spreadsheet or using a word processing programme. The key here is making something you can interact with yourself, that you can put a line through when it is complete, to give an additional sense of achievement and progress.

My Dungeon List.

We're going to talk about Bucket Lists therefore on Wednesday, but with some caveats and additions.. and after that, well it will be part Guide, part suggestion board with a healthy dose of 'lets make some money' to boot, because the one thing I can GUARANTEE you'll need come the Expansion is a bit of extra gold. What I DON'T want to do however is push people back into the game if they've decided to take a break, because making that decision is an important one. Because no two people are the same, encouraging everyone back won't have the same benefits anyway. Beside which, we WANT people to go and play Wildstar or Elder Scrolls because while they're doing that we can be sneaking in and snaffling all the good stuff they've forgotten exists in game regardless of whether they are playing it or not.

So, go get yourself some writing implements and give yourself a couple of days to consider what you'd like to do in Warcraft (or what you have left to do) and I'll see you on Wednesday morning ready to begin. Remember, nobody's forcing you to do anything, and I PROMISE I'll make this as fun as possible along the way...


[*] Still not done it. Holding out for Beta :D

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