Friday, February 14, 2014

Vogue :: The Other Side

Playing both sides takes some work...

The Horde Mog got redesigned when this lass hit 90, and in terms of projects is probably one of my most successful. It's also one of the simplest, at least in terms of base colours and co-ordination. Again, the starting point is the shoulders, and that is becoming a bit of a theme, and in this case they are asymmetrical for a reason. This particular PvP set is frankly one of the few I have really liked in the entire run of designs, the other is the set my Male Hunter is currently wearing as a complete ensemble, the only time I have specifically ground a set in that way. However I'm only using shoulders and belt in this case, pretty much as counterpoints to each other.

Details are everything

This is essentially a palette of three colours: brown, gold and silver, with the purple breath of the dragon as an accent. Again I've gone for a single trouser colour because I am getting increasingly frustrated with the fussy nature of new armour sets, as if it's only any good if it has every colour used somewhere at least once. The Dragon details on the shoulders and waist act as the motif for the whole outfit, and the chestpiece lends elements to gloves and bracers, which I don't normally bother with but in this case give the gloves a subtle extra dimension. Boots are deliberately understated too, and as I know now that Blood Elves will eventually get a character makeover, I'm tempted to hang onto this look until that happens. I feel this is probably one of the most quintessentially 'huntery' outfits I've ever made, that it could almost pass for camouflage.

Great to be able to use a cape as well and not hide it ^^

The short, stocky nature of the gun suits the character and the mog, I think, that too much ostentatious would draw attention away from the shoulders and belt, which is very much were I want the focus to be drawn. It is all about the understated yet significant with the Blood Elf, that it's easy to get lost in the crowd sometimes, and that's pretty much the point if your stock in trade is to be largely anonymous until it's time to kill things. In that regard, this would be a great Rogue outfit but they don't get to wear mail, we do. All loot is ours, and long may that continue. Should make the mogging choices increasingly simple for the family as I redress them.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Full List of Transmog Items as follows:

Sadly this Rifle is no longer in game, but there are three similar colourations that would work just as well. P is using one as an alternate to her current mog, as it happens...


ep said...

That's really neat what you did with those shoulders/belt. I had a mog I based on the same shoulders and belt (and hat); I'm not using it now (stupid legendary cape doesn't match). Very, very different end result! Obviously, I went with the purples to match, rather than the browns/golds. I ended up with that bow mostly because it's so ostentatious it doesn't matter if it doesn't match, and I couldn't find anything I liked better :P

Roger said...

I use the same shoulders for my hunter. They're just so fantastic. I had to work on the rest of the set for quite some time, as I wanted to incorporate the hat that I've been using since forever (the zebra safari hat).

I literally just finished the set last week and love it. I may change the pants at some point for the Black Dragonscale pants, but I'm not 100% certain yet. We'll see.