Friday, February 07, 2014

Vogue :: Better the Devil You Know

Small but potent. BE AFRAID.

My Lock's mog hasn't changed in two years, which is quite incredible considering the amount of time I faff with things and swap them around. This ensemble was actually created for a 2012 contest, and at this point I simply have not been able to better it. Trust me, I have tried. It is, at least in my mind, one of the best things I have ever made.

Beware the Dynamite in my left hand.

The problem with Lock transmog is simple: everyone sees the wings, or everyone wants to be Cynwise [*] There's a lot of purple and often a lot of skin and I don't think the Gnome suits any of the 'traditional' looks that tend to get favoured for Mogging the Dark Arts. The starting point, as is often the way for these things, was the shoulders, which have a glow that is so subtle I found myself compelled to work around them. There's also an inherent problem with Gnome frames, that so much is compressed that the more densely patterned outfits simply look like someone's thrown up on your dress. The Simple Robe used here is just that: no big statements, but clearly defined details. The Serenity Belt looks as if it's part of that dress too, which is perfect: sometimes it's not about a big statement. As I recall I made my tailor grind for the Inferno Gloves recipe especially, and I'm rather glad I did because the cache from Dire Maul no longer exists and these gloves are utterly perfect to finish off the entire ensemble. Yes, sometimes it is all about the details.

Still fiddling with the weaponry.

I'm forced by circumstance to use a wand at present, which means my main hand mog isn't anywhere close to my first choice of weapon. If I had a 1 hander I'd probably be mogging Sunflare, if it were a staff I'd go for Rod of the Blazing Light, both of which are sympathetic skins for the overall look. However, if I were given a choice I'd take a one hand just so the Thermotastic Egg Timer gets an outing, because you know, EXPLOSIONS. Oh, and if I had a hat, it would be the Bloodwoven Mask because to me nothing says destruction like a bandana wrapped around the head. This is the last time her hair will be in braids too, I've gone back to the short tomboy look after taking these pictures. I don't think everything should be perfect, after all.

Simple, yet perfect.

Full list of Transmog Items as follows:


[*] Yes, so do I. FANGIRLING FTW.


dobablo said...

My warlock mogs are similar to Mulder's partner in S1 X-Files. Green and skully.

Laeleiweyn said...

Gnomes are so adorable... Perhaps I need to change my warlock back. /ponders
Nice mog. :)

Jstmel said...

Gnomes are difficult to mog because of squished outfits to fit their frames.

I originally had a Sponge Diver outfit created for her. Sadly, you can't use Deep Dive Helmet for transmogging. So, I decided to go another route.

I made an outfit around the Goblin Rocket Helmet and my little lock is my Alien Martian...which seems fitting with some of the alien type looks a few of her minions have...and the Red Flying Cloud mount she always uses. In my head I just imagine laser bolts come shooting out of her stave when she's fighting.

(her WoW Armory link: )