Monday, February 24, 2014

To Build a Home :: Seven Nation Army

I like this new logo.

Right, about Garrisons being a one-expansion deal...?

Are Garrison planned on the long term or is this more of a Warlords of Draenor specific feature? 
Garrisons are tied to Warlords of Draenor, they are bases that each player builds to help in the fight against the Iron Horde, the goal is to have players build an army. However, the technology we used to create Garrisons will most likely be reused in the future. 

So, we have to consider that this is an article that was translated before it became English and stuck on MMO's front page. However, there's a bit of a sea change here from what we've been told previously: the Garrison is going to help us fight the Iron Horde by building an Army? Is that an ACTUAL army of soldiers and ancillary services to beat the baddies in specific battles, or is this a metaphor for the place you will build and populate with people to help you in a purely personal assault? The thing is, it could easily be one, or the other, or indeed both, and if it is that puts a rather different spin on things than I'd previously envisaged. In fact, this could be a bit of a game changer, because if it IS the case we need this place to defeat the Iron Horde, it might not be the optional extra we've been used to from the Tillers.

This could change a great many things, as it happens.


There are possible implications for the wider game if we do get our 'Army' to assist us: individual NPC's maybe turn up and fight with us as help in harder situations. Maybe in a key Scenario Gerald Butler could turn up and defeat the massed ranks with four blokes and some pointy sticks. Maybe Bill Murray will appear and be laconic all over the shop. Just hope for all our sakes that Christian Bale doesn't turn up from the far future pursued by a bunch of sentient Sky Golems... but the point is, AGAIN, we don't know. We're probably closer than we have been at any point thus far to actually playing Garrisons but until we can get our XP bars working past 90, it is all moot. However, this little nugget could mean we're opening up to more possibilities than simply gathering materials and completing missions. It's not like we haven't used large armies before in game, or destroyed large numbers of foes in phased combat.

Could we really be preparing to become the saviour of Draenor with our own personal legion to command?

More significantly, if they're saying the technology can be reused, will they actually do so after Warlords is a memory?

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