Monday, February 03, 2014

To Build a Home :: Alternative Title

We need a Tweet! Bring forward the Tweet!

The details are EVERYTHING.

I'm sure, if Anne Stickney read this tweet over the weekend, she will have been quietly relieved. After all, we have discussed previously the legacy of what we leave behind as we move forward. However, what this does raise is the question of what we can expect in terms of details, and let's face it, we all love the right set dressing. It has been established that there is only one 'type' of building design per faction, which is acceptable when you have to establish the artwork from scratch and you're on a timer. However, what we also know and understand is that Blizzard have a massive warehouse full of items to choose from that are already pre-fabricated and constructed. No really, I've seen pictures and EVERYFINK...

The point remains: there is an awful lot that is already fabricated that could be inserted into the Garrison 'space'. What would you expect to see included as set dressing? Mumper (helpfully) points out in a tweet subsequent to the one above that we'll have some cats (plural) knocking around the place, who will (presumably) be helping decrease the rat/mouse population. There's a thought, would you like to see Battle Pets available to capture in your Garrison depending on the zone you find yourself in? Here's my list of essentials, based on the knowledge that pretty much any item from Vanilla is fair game...

  1. Race-Specific Items.

    We have established that the basic architecture of the Garrison must remain static: however, that doesn't need to be the case for fixtures and fittings, now does it? This does mean I could get Dwarven Wall Hangings, chairs and tables... in fact loads of things that would make this a home from home on the inside, even if it wasn't on the outside. That might go a long way to assuaging people who are hoping for a Night Elf or Warlock-ed themed layout.

  2. Souvenirs.

    This has been mentioned in passing before, but my 'bit of Frostmourne I sneaked into my pocket from Icecrown' would look really nice over the fireplace in the Inn. Giving players a selection of trophies or Souvenirs from (let's say) their Feats of Strength column in the Achievements window might be an idea. I know we'll be given indicators of PvE and PvP achievements but let's not just make those current to this Expansion. We have a decade to look back on, after all!

  3. Flora and Fauna.

    I sense the outside of our Garrison will be sympathetic to the style of the Zone in which we initially plonk it, and that's all well and good up to a point. It might be an idea to have some tubs and plant pots we can scatter about the place: I for one would love to take some Pandaran trees with me to make a Zen Style garden, with an appropriately-designed bench in the middle so I can sit and remember the previous expansion. That shouldn't be impossible to realise with the existing art resources available.

  4. Comedy Items


    I'd like a woman with a sign, please, ideally with text I could customise, a la those annoying signs that drop from the Ordon on the Timeless Isle. She'll wander around and simply be part of my ambiance. I'd like to be able to label each of my buildings with an alternative name (yes I know I've mentioned this before but IT BEARS REPEATING.) Also, completely out of context items as statues = WIN.

  5. More is MORE.

    I would like the options of this feature to overload my server and cause crashes. I crave so much stuff to choose from that my brain melts at the possibilities. I'm hoping for 20 pages of wall coverings and at least 30 of furniture because frankly, there is soooooo much stuff that Blizzard have made over the years that they could shove into this feature and pass off as new content it would be a crying shame if there wasn't. You can do it in patches, I don't mind, but all those bits of furniture, the tiny details that people miss but that make the World so perfect... Don't hold back. Give us EVERYTHING. We can cope. Let us build our own World of Warcraft.

That, I think, is the key to making this feature a resounding success. Allow the players a measure of creativity they have not as yet been given in the game, step back and see what happens. All that is then required is imagination... oh, and L100 to make sure you have access to it all.

What could possibly go wrong?


catinglasses said...

That last line has doomed us all..

ZuBiE said...

I'd love a vault that shows a visual representation of all the gold on my character.

100g and you have a couple of stacks in the middle of the room, a million and you are into Smaug territory.