Wednesday, February 05, 2014

This Week I Will Be Mostly :: Red Alert


It was going to happen.

We all knew the end was nigh, it wasn't if but when, and now we have an indicator.

Ten Points for spotting the movie and detesting the remake :D

PvP Season 14's announced to be winding up. Those of us who have done this once or twice know that this means that the current PTR patch should also go live at the same time, you know, the one with the 'Buy your L90's here' locked into it. It does not take a stretch of imagination to suppose that when that goes live then the ability to buy characters will too, which means we could well have Warlords available for pre-release in the next two weeks... and if THAT HAPPENS...

There could be a Beta incoming. JUST SAYING.

So, what does this ACTUALLY MEAN for Alternative Towers?

Currently there are four alts placed between 75 and 87 that could do with levelling. Realistically I could get the Pandaran ones sorted in the next seven days if the digit is extracted and this throat thing I have doesn't hit me round the head. I *might* get the Monk out of Northrend if I drag her around with someone else as well, but that would be a lesser priority in the short term. What I ideally desire is twofold:

  • P gets to do all the Bucket List things I want leading up to the Expansion, without worrying I'm not prepared.

  • Everyone else sits at 90, gets occasionally played with, but mostly is ready to play if required, is reasonably geared and can MAKE ME MONEY.

Once my Bucket List is covered, at least to the best of my ability, then there can be poking of alts, but there is SO MUCH stuff I have not done that I want to this expansion it really isn't funny. That means a ton of Battle Pet faffing, Achievements, mounts collection, recipe collection... and a lot of it seems quite awkward and fiddly too (especially looking at some of the Pandaran daily stuff.) I want a day to sit down with paper and pencil and my Achievement List too to formulate a comprehensive plan of attack. I can't do that with alt faffing in the back of my mind, so the other family members get the attention first. After that, I have a plan to catalogue the mogs everyone has for the webby and then sit back and wait for... well, 25 weeks for a PvP Season realistically is saying August. Could be late July, could be early September, but at least the family holiday in May's looking unlikely to be disturbed this year.

That means this week we'll be all about the lowbies. Time to go and sort out who goes where...


Tome of the Ancient said...

Hmm, is it the original Total Recall with the Arnold?

James Flinders said...

I love how excited you get :)

Doesn't it speak to how important this game has been in the world of gaming. That even 9 years after release, it still gets people this excited :)

I genuinely have this image of you running around in a flap now, half excited, half panicking that the bucket list isn't far enough along yet.

I come here every day because you make me smile and remember what it is to truly love this game.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a new Shaman to level.