Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Week I Will Be Mostly :: Could It be Magic


Ah, where has the last week gone? /wistful.

See, this is the problem when the clock is ticking... suddenly, there's just no time to do anything you planned. However, last week was not a total disaster and this week has a lot going for it. Oh, and that Garrisons Post last night has made me unreasonably cheerful and encouraged for a huge number of things in the Expansion. Thumbs up, Blizzard.

Oh, Colbert. /swoon

Anyway, I digress. Last week there was not any actual levelling, but there was an unreasonably huge amount of organisation.


With P's change of mog came a clearout and re-tame of a number of pets to match the new colour scheme, plus I decided to finally go and do the last of the Kalimdor low level quests I needed to complete Achievements for every zone. I just have Felwood and 1000 Needles to complete and I'm done, and I've picked up a fabulous selection of new companions along the way. I also extracted the digit and now all 8 90's are farming in some form or another. I'll be using the Shaman's farm to grow Spirits of Harmony to ensure that she gets all the BS recipes, and there will be a concerted effort this week to a) cap at least one person with Valor and then b) run everyone else through some Instances/LFR around the Timeless Isle to build up some points as well.

With the Valentines Festival in full swing, I want everyone I can doing the Crown Chemical Daily SO THE MOUNT CAN FAIL TO DROP. On top of that I should pick up Charm Kits for Island occupants so I can make and consolidate bracelet production and see if I can't buy anything useful with what results.


I now have no need to ever return to the Isle of Giants, as I ground my last 1000 bones for the Porcupette (though I could go back and rofflestomp it in Warlords, and I'm sure I will :P) I've been selling insane amounts of leather this week (thanks in part to low level questing but also because Timeless Isle occupancy's up again and MANY DEAD THINGS LYING AROUND FREE GOLD KKTHXBAIBAI. There has also been a marked increase in the number of Battle Pets I've been selling, which says to me that people are looking to fill in holes in their collections before the Expansion hits. As my pets are currently spread over several alts and in different Vanity Banks, it could well be time to consolidate what I have.

The Vanity Banks have been given a good going over too this week, with new specialist bags for tasks and a critical eye on future Expansion requirements. Items have been removed and disposed of, and I'l be looking at who handles what in the weeks that follow. I may also start making the Jewelcrafting Mounts if leather sales continue to remain healthy: I'll go for the individual colours first and aim to have the Onyx one done before Warlords hits.

Plus, the Recruit Myself A Friend Mount finally appeared :D


That was last week, so what about this? Well, I suspect there will be great deal more of exactly the same... so if you'll excuse me, I'm off to fail at winning a Rocket on the Eight L90's... ^^

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