Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This Week I Will be Mostly :: Charge

I am doing something right. GO ME.

This week's been... well, odd.

I've not done anything new, truth be told, than I did last week. I still don't have a Love Rocket. I'm still faffing in high gear. However, I feel FAR happier about this than I have for quite some time, even if I am actually no further forward in my planned aspirations. What's changed this week is the understanding that actually, its okay to not get it all done. There's no prize for being Britain's Top Faffer, the only reason I do all of this is for my own gaming satisfaction, and if that's not happening, there really isn't a point. Plus I've had to do twice as many podcasts this week as I would normally do. Trust me, they may only be five minutes long but some days they can take HOURS to produce, and when you're a perfectionist...

Anyway. Patch time. Getting weapons from the Timeless Isle is now a worthwhile endeavour, especially with my drop luck in LFR. Not really interested in the PvP Stuff right now but that might change on a whim, you know me. So what else is there?

Need the Broken as a Playable Race? DISCUSS.

P picked up the Broken Questline from Serpentshrine Cavern on her last trip there, and as a result I got to go kill A'lar in Tempest Keep this week. Every time I see a mog on another character skin and it looks good, I am reassured that I've made the right choices with the pieces I selected. It's all part of my constantly evolving validation process.

Rollin' with the Homies...

When I wasn't dragging butts through LFR, and finding ways to entertain myself whilst waiting for tanks (see above), I was considering one of my own. My son, who is 13, came on his first Flex Run last Saturday and I am very grateful for everyone in the Guild for accommodating him. He's now obtained a full set of tanking gear and looks like he has the making of a very decent meatshield, and I have been shamed into the realisation that maybe it is time to give this skill another chance. With the possibility of a free L90 probably available Soon (TM) I am thinking now either Warrior or DK. Whatever happens, both are likely to be Male Gnomes. JUST BECAUSE.

Tanking ON A MOUNT? Impressive!

You can rest assured that this week will likely be exactly as last week was, trying to do things, largely failing, but the key difference will be attempting not to get stressed as a result. Because, frankly, life is too short for petty grudges, overreacting and sweating the small stuff. That's why I'll be over here with a cuppa, moving forward.

Assuming of course the queue time isn't too long ^^

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Joar said...

I've been finding much the same this week. I've just been running LFR on whatever toon seems to inspire me at the time (last night was my hunter), but it's also been my priest and shaman a fair amount lately.

And when I have neither the time, nor the mental fortitude to handle LFR, I usually just work on leveling the various members of the Joar alliance army.