Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let's Go Round AGAIN

Don't get dizzy!

Change is good, I wrote about it yesterday, so IT MUST BE TRUE. As a result, it is time for some changes here at Alternative Towers, to accommodate the expanding nature of the Website and my ambition to conquer the world ad-free or be the best Warcraft Blog Site run by someone over 45 give people actually what they want. For those of you who don't listen to the Podcast, here's what is about to happen with the site. There are going to be some changes, most notably the following:

  • This Week, I will be Mostly moves from WEDNESDAY to MONDAY

  • The Alternative Chat Podcast will now be Published on WEDNESDAY (not FRIDAY)

  • To Build a Home, my Garrisons feature, will move from MONDAY to FRIDAY.

There are also a number of other features (Vogue, my Mogging stuff amongst them) which are likely to get considerably more pagetime in the weeks that follow. I've also organised myself to be able to start making videos, which I briefly flirted with back before Pandaria launched. Don't expect anything major or significant, but I do have some thoughts I'd like to translate to the medium of moving pictures.

Mostly I'm doing all this to make better use of the time I have for playing, which after all is what matters more than anything else (YES IT IS.) As a result, there'll be another Live No Script You can Tell this Week edition of the Podcast up shortly, and we'll be off on the new schedule proper starting Monday, March 3rd.

Right then, lets go see if this Podcast sounds okay or not ^^

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