Friday, February 21, 2014

Deeper Underground

Attack of the 50 Foot DWARVEN WOMEN

Yes, it is ACTUALLY REAL. The Expansion IS COMING.

It was pointed out to me that back in November I was happily predicting we'd have a Beta before Christmas *cough* and look where that got us. Here we are, at just past the middle of February, and this is the closest we've been for some time to actually having something to poke at with sticks. People have played the opening zone of Warlords and there's already some idea of what we might expect, and I can tell you that if you don't like Spoilers, it might actually be time to go and lock yourself away in the padded bunker for a bit. It appears that we're getting something pretty honking huge before we've even left the opening zone as Alliance, and when I say that, I do actually mean it.

The gloves are most definitely off for this Expansion from the word GO.

This is also the moment to give you good people a heads up on how this site will be dealing with spoilers from this point onwards. As it appears simply doing the entire 'black text on black background' thing is largely redundant for Mobile users, I've had a play today with various possibilities, and all require me to be a full time HTML/web designer to pull off successfully. So, instead I have thought outside the box, and a new site has been born:

Don't say I didn't warn you ^^

I have created a separate site where all my Spoilery Ramblings [TM] will be housed, and I'll ask people to go there via link once things are posted. It's not ideal, but it will do.

Should I be spectacularly lucky and get a Beta Invite... well, let's not tempt fate for now, shall we?


Needless to say, once I've dragged myself away from the screen watching the animated Dwarf spin round in 360% glory... there might actually be some comment. Plus, it is Podcast Day... :D


catinglasses said...

I have an odd attitude toward spoilers - right now, I'm fine with them(so far); but I only want to know so much, it seems. After a bit I won't want to know anything new and will work to avoid spoilers.

Grimmtooth said...

I try to respect the views of others, but I don't get the massive butthurt that people show if one inadvertantly falls on the table in front of them. It's done, move on, whattYaWantFromMe.

People that intentionally antagonize the spoiler-virginals are of course not on my list of favorites, especially since the blowback tends to catch me indirectly.

Still, I wish people would differentiate between trolls that love to spoil things for people, and people that just don't care either way. Yelling at me isn't going to make things better in any way whatsoever.