Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Confusion the Waitress

From There are many kinds of Infographic, after all :D

Already I can see some of you wondering where I'm going with this. Well, if you didn't already know, you're about to be hit with one of the most significant infodumps this game ever creates, the Expansion Changeover. A cursory glance at yesterdays's MMO Champion and the details from just a few Developer Interviews has been enough to stick the wind up a number of my fellow players, and Blizzard are informing us there's about thirty three pages of data currently generated on Warlords that we're yet to be privy to. I think it might be an apposite moment to identify your Coping Strategy, grab a large cup of you favourite caffeinated beverage and start working out how all this is going to go down. It's also a good opportunity to start understanding that even though Blizzard will be reducing your active abilities by 20%, you still gotta cope with what gets taken away just as well as you do with what is new. Losing stuff for some isn't perhaps the blessing it's being trailed as either, especially if those abilities are those they use frequently...

It's time to grasp that you can cope with all of this, however immense it all seems. You just need to approach the entire thing in the right way:


Change is inevitable, folks, no more so in this game. It shouldn't come as a surprise therefore that all of this is happening, and you will at some point need to deal with it. Fortunately Blizzard will not expect you to learn everything overnight: we get a pre-Expansion patch where everything is applied, where Blizzard can test it all works, and we can rearrange our UI's to compensate. What you CAN do now is start thinking about what you'd like to do, and check whether the Addons you are using/will want to use will be up to date to handle the task. Even the task of thinking about preparation is a good one, it will mentally assist you when the time finally comes. There are some things in life you can't ever plan for. An Expansion is NOT one of them.


There may actually be an I in TEAM ^^

You are but one person, which for some is often forgotten when it comes to trying to keep up with your peers. This is one of those legitimate moments when focussing on what you need is in fact preferable to trying to attempt to keep up with everyone else, as it is abundantly apparent that the way in which every person processes information is different. You'll be able to identify I'm sure one or more ways you cope with new data in the infographic above, but the key in the weeks leading up to the Expansion is simple. Go at your pace, and no-one else's. I'd strongly suggest picking and choosing who you listen to as well, because there are some people who's advice/view of changes will end up as being detrimental. Most significantly of all, if you're concerned that someone close to you that plays isn't interested, don't take it upon yourself to share. At this point, focussing on you and what you're trying to learn/understand is a far better idea.


I never liked you anyway ^^

Believe it or not, there may be something that happens in the Expansion you're not happy about. You may well lose abilities you played with a lot, even if Blizzard maintain they've removed only the least used. You may find that the certain features aren't what you want or expect... the key here is to understand that it will take time to adapt to new things, and you can't be expected to change overnight. Only you know what you can and cannot do, and that means taking the time to sit down and assimilate the changes at your own pace. I find the best way for me to cope with big info-dumps is to read them and then try and summarise the main points on a word processing programme. That way you can isolate the relevant information that matters and cut away the other things you have no interest in. Also, and this is key if you want to keep playing, the loss of things is not the end of the world. It may seem that way, but it's really not. This is just a game, but it's also a good life skill to grasp that coping with loss makes you stronger. Closure is a thing, even in Azeroth.


20 points if you get THIS reference ^^

Change can have huge benefits, it really can. We've spoken about this before, and the Expansion may be the perfect moment for you to make some positive changes to your gaming life. Maybe it is time to admit you hate dps and want to tank (IT'S POSSIBLE) or perhaps you'd finally like to try playing for the Alliance after a long stretch with the Horde. The thing is, this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to start from scratch and not to worry about your old gaming existance, and with things like Achievements now account wide there are reasonably few penalties for doing a complete 'life' change. This might be the moment when you decide you want to become a massive Gold Mogul to boot, it isn't just characters and abilities that are changing. The thing you ought to do, whatever you decide, is not see change as bad or wrong. IT'S JUST DIFFERENT. Grasp the changes, embrace the new, and create something exciting from your options. It doesn't always have to be the same old, same old you know...


So, we have a strategy. Your friends are here, but only if you need them. Then LET US MOVE ON. Prepare yourself for what you know is coming. Don't be afraid of change. Embrace the difficulties and find solace in the understanding that you are NOT alone, and that there will be people going through the exact same thing. For what it's worth, if you want to help me cope with it all you are more than welcome to grab a spot, make yourself comfortable and see how I cope with it all, because this time round I'm coming at an Expansion WITH A PLAN. This plan, the one I just spent the best part of two weeks trying to write up and get to a stage where it actually made some sense. In the end, you can find Self-Help Guides littered all over the Web, but only you know what's going to work for you. Needless to say, all this information is coming, like it or not. There's no avoiding the inevitable.

Let's see if we can deal with it together, shall we? :D


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