Friday, February 14, 2014

Alternative Chat :: Episode 16

Okay folks, here we go. I tried to write a script for two days and it didn't happen, so I've decided to go LIVE. Random ramblings? We have them!

This week, I will be mostly chatting about:

  • Why I cannot write words without pain.
  • How beautiful Garrisons are.
  • Passion in all its forms.
  • How Mogging has become Therapy.
  • How Blizzard is an institution.
  • However, organisation has broken out everywhere.

If you have any comments or thoughts on this week's Podcast, or you'd like to abuse me for not having a clue as to what the Hell I'm talking about, please send your mail to:

alternativegodmother (all one word) AT gmail DOT com



There are no notes. I can't do it :(


I WILL be back next Friday 21st. YES.

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