Thursday, January 23, 2014

Won't Get Fooled Again

The Joy of an Actual Goal.

It has often been stated around this Parish that a Plan [TM] is a very important thing. Having one may seem like too much organisation for a bunch of pixels, but actually it can be a distinctly liberating experience, and inspire you to other things. Hence yesterday afternoon when my Good Pet Battling compadre Lio began a wonderful guide to How to Biff up the Beasts of Fable, I had what has been one of many epiphanies this week. It doesn't matter how many answers there are to any question at any given time, you have to want to hear them first for the information to really stick. Yesterday afternoon I was presented with a solution to a problem that has plagued me since 5.3, but I'd never really been in a position to solve.

Now I have the inspiration to change this for good.

Pet Battling for me is the necessary sacrifice I made to continue playing. I'm only going to do it when it's able to help something else come to pass, and yesterday levelling my Druid was the means by which I took Dent and Frog up there to L25 each, before swapping to the Hunter to take down Nitun first hit. Now, there are those who might argue that rofflestomping something pretty much negates the joy and excitement that results from working hard, trying different strategies and beating that issue on your own... and to you I say the following:

This has been the Time Management Expansion, we've all accepted this and written the Guides. People pick their poison and decide to concentrate on the areas that interest them. I was only ever a collector of pets, if truth be told, the fighting ended up as just too much of a time sink when placed against the other things I wanted to do. I should have realised this a lot sooner than I did as well, but we all live and learn. That's why I've already provisioned one post a week on Garrisons: I know I'm going to be playing that part of the game, but it's only a part of a far larger whole, and as things stand I don't intend to invest heavily until I've had a chance to play the thing in Beta. See, you can learn from your mistakes.

I am already immensely grateful to Lio, because I know now that without her wisdom and hard work I won't be able to collect all the pets I want, but with her help I will not only get Achievements AND pets, but also I'll level alts to 90 whilst doing so and frankly, THAT IS PURE WIN. Therefore this morning you should spare a thought and extend thanks to anyone who takes the time and effort to write a Guide to ANYTHING: they are difficult, time-consuming and can often be soul-destroying to boot, but if the right one comes along and grabs you, it can completely change your outlook. It's like finding the form of exercise that suits you best, or the right brand of underwear that sits perfectly and never chafes, however vigorous your life becomes. I may jest, but you should NEVER mock a good guide to anything, especially something that you can't do.

There's also nothing wrong with fangirling your love either. Tell the person what a difference they made to your life. They'll love to hear it, trust me.

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