Wednesday, January 01, 2014

TWIWBM :: The Year of the Cat

Start the way you mean to go on, Faff-Fans!

It is time to get on with some SRS BNS: 2014 has arrived, and I hope that, like me, you're about to pick up the New Year in both hands and give it a damn good shake to see how much spare change is hidden inside it. We've had our break, we've eaten far too many mince pies, and now it is the moment to GET DOWN TO WORK. You're going to see the green banner around a lot in the next couple of weeks, on Twitter and around these parts (I'll be providing you with your own for your Website too if you want to be a part of the Faffing Experience.) For now, it is the moment for some harsh Home Truths, and the knowledge YOU ARE NOT PREPARED for what is coming. That's why it's high time we all got ready.

The Year of the Dual Box.

I don't know about you, but my Alt Family are a pretty shoddy bunch right now. Hardly any are max level, even fewer are maximising their potential as gold makers in the downtime before Warlords arrives, which could be as little as FIVE MONTHS AWAY. If you wanted any indicator that Stuff is about to Get Real, I'd like to direct you to the following tweet from a well known Blizzard Community Manager:

Shouldn't you be enjoying yourself?

If a Blizzard CM has the foresight to post this at a time when he (and his employers) KNOW loads of players will be on Social Media to see it, that says to me that people are thinking about the game just as much as I am. This means it is the moment to start getting everyone maxxed as soon as possible, to get farms ploughed and planted, to start clearing the useless stacks from the Vanity Banks to replace them with Things To Make Money With. The biggest single problem, of course, comes with not (as yet) knowing what changes we will get to game mechanics. At the back of my mind I'm thinking there may be a MASSIVE Professions reset, and if that is the case then I'm best served at this point in time in getting all those Alts to 90 as soon as I can. Therefore, this week is all about Dual Boxing Alts.

Olivia Grace has provided a most excellent guide for those of you wanting to do stuff properly. For me however, multi-boxing to me means I will be dragging an alt behind me though low level dungeons until they ding and we can move to a higher level one. Doing this yesterday granted me the Lock to 87 and the Shammy to 86, and both are now luxuriating in the Inn at the Vale gaining rested bonus and generally looking likely get closer to 90 in the next week. They'll have their UI's sorted in the meantime and some work done on getting their particular professions streamlined (NEW FAFFFORM INC) and once these two are sorted and their Farms maxxed to 16 slots, it'll be onto the next two alts, and so on. This means the Rogue who's still only got 8 plots organised will be doing her Tillers Dailies once I'm done here. Really, there is no longer any excuse.

If all chests could be this big, all my problems are solved...

If my Christmas Wish comes true and we get a Beta soon, all this planning might yet have to be reconsidered, but for now it seems like the best of all possible worlds. So, if you will excuse me I'll be off to start organising the Vanity Banklats in anticipation of a mass influx of raw materials... :D


Lyrestra said...

Sign me up for the green banner. =D Oh and happy new year! <3

Ross said...

I will FAFF with you!

Cymre said...

My priest just can't seem to leave the Timeless Isle for too long. I wish those items would just drop already.

Just hoping I get an early beta invite like last time.

Here's to the Year of the Faff!