Monday, January 27, 2014

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Time for some consideration...

Last week was an embarrassment of riches, let's be honest. There wasn't much chance to consider the consequences either, as so much information got dumped in our laps so quickly. So, this week we will be sitting back and thinking a little more about what we got told, and what that might mean in the longer term for anyone in a Garrison. There is one tweet in particular I want to look at in reference to this:

A major change. Or is it?

Actually, this *is* the same system we have right now, if you have Exalted status with the Tillers. As a skinner I can gather herbs, cloth AND ore without the need to have any of those skills at my disposal, using my 16 plots on the farm. This has given me the opportunity to capitalise on Auction House markets I wouldn't normally be able to touch, and it's meant on lean days when I don't have time to gather there's been enough materials to make up items for transmute. If this is the system that the Garrisons will employ then I'm more than happy, assuming of course that gathering works in the same fashion... and that means you can't actually do it until you're a) maximum level and b) you're at maximum reputation.

If that's NOT the case... well, I might be a bit concerned.

What we don't know as yet is what kind of yield we can expect from the Garrison: one assumes that this will not be a substitute for gathering, and that there will also be some kind of once a day cooldown in operation... then there's the issue of whether every 90 gets this feature or whether it will be once a server... and there's at least some indicator on that:

That's saying everybody to me.

I think we could have a situation as is the case now, that every 90 will have the potential to run a Garrison in synch with their levelling experience, and that this will mean you'll have multiple opportunities to 'farm' gathering mats should you choose to do so. In effect, the Tillers Farm is it's own mini-game in terms of micromanagement of resources, as I know many people who read this Blog are more than aware of. Mr Alt, for instance, is a great player of the herb market (especially with Golden Loti) whilst I've been using my Farms to stockpile vegetables so I can level Cookery on alts once I've maxxed everyone to 90. What you do with your plots is pretty flexible as a result and I have no doubt Blizzard will be looking at the Tillers numbers and making decisions based on those as to what we get and the timers that are attached to them.

Being able to plan ahead is often vital in knowing how to succeed in the early months of an Expansion. I doubt we'll be given anything really valuable during the levelling process anyway, perhaps it will be as it has been this time around and these 'plots' may provide other items to level skills like cookery. Yet again, we're back to the question I seem to ask rather a lot when we start discussing Garrisons on a Monday...

Is it time for a Beta yet?

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dobablo said...

Still waiting to hear that garrisons will be accessable via mobile device and one resource can be collected by clicking every 10 minutes.

Still, I expect my followers to do that clicking for me. Maybe I have to log in once a day to hit them with my boot-a-rang.