Monday, January 20, 2014

To Build a Home :: Calling All the Heroes

Saved by the Mumper. Again.

I have to admit, I was worried.

After last week, I knew I'd exhausted everything we currently had on Garrisons. Only something spectacular was going to change that, so when I was informed on Saturday evening that Mumper was tweeting on the subject with some enthusiasm, I resolved to ensure I go out every weekend until the Beta hits to make sure you guys have a constant stream of new information. Yes, that's my commitment to YOU, and I have to say on the back of what I'm going to discuss this week, I'm probably more enthusiastic about this feature than I was when Warlords was announced. Anyway, we have stuff to discuss, and tweets to dissect!

Without further ado, let's look at a selection of the best tweets Mumper responded to on Saturday:

We left the subject (and Mumper's last tweet on it before Saturday) talking about how the Zone you build your Garrison will have an affect on what your Garrison can do. We now also know that WHAT you can build won't be affected by placement, but there will be a difference to the look of your home. That makes logical sense considering that the flora and fauna in each zone, I suppose.

This is a question I hoped someone would ask, and it also links in with this tweet:

These two are fairly significant. This move would mark a major diversion away from forcing people to be sociable and having to use portals in Capital cities, and would bring the focus for transportation back into the hands of the individual. For a long time Blizzard were very keen to make sure we'd deliberately interact with the rest of the populus with centres like Shattrath but the Garrison's very nature is solo play focussed, regardless of what means we may be given to 'show off' what we own and what we have. Therefore this makes a lot of sense, and having your hearthstone set here.... I'm going to go out on a limb and speculate you'll only be able to place your Garrison in a set starting position until you've explored an entire zone, OR you're at the level with your character that zone is pitched for. As is going to be come a stock phrase in weeks to come, we'll need a Beta for this one to confirm :P

Okay, there was a /fistpump for this response. I'm already considering the co-ordination possibilities here as well, although undoubtedly there will be people showing off all those lovely hard to get battle pets I'm thinking about all my crabs together, or perhaps the Cockroach Hall of Fame. Needless to say, if this is the line of thinking for collections, I heartily approve. In fact, I may have to start making my lists now :D There's also good news for those who wondered how exactly gathering professions would fit into this puzzle:

So, we have the confirmation that you gather stuff on your farm, apart from the raw materials required to actually build it:

And this is the confirmation that yes, you won't need herbalism to grow and gather herbs, ore or indeed leather as is currently the case with the Tillers Farm: I assume therefore we'll be working on the same basic principles, but perhaps without seeds and planting. I'd speculate you may have a Follower who'll go kill mobs for you and then bring them back to your Tannery to be skinned. I'd sincerely hope this is comparable with current daily Farm totals and you won't be able to make your fortune by logging in once a week and cleaning up. I'm suspecting this will require a measure of daily interaction as is the case currently in Halfhill. Still, it is a welcome edition to allow players to have a rolling value for their efforts over time.

Then we need to talk about storage:

If my Storehouse does link to void storage currently I'm utterly screwed, frankly (my god, it's full of guns) and I can only hope I'll get as much stuff out of my bags thanks to the Toybox feature. The fact things will be allowed to interact with established means of storage however is great news... now the question is, will that work across Servers? Will you be able to create stuff for a new character to use if you start fresh? How will the L1 Bankalt fit into this entire scheme of things? ARGH TOO MANY QUESTIONS NOT ENOUGH BETA CLIENT ^^

This one's also significant, because it supposes that one Garrison will not be enough for some, that there will be those already rubbing their hands together in glee and planning 11 per server, all co-ordinated, and all churning out masses of materials for transference and sale on the AH. yes, I can see the dawning of a mini Industrial Revolution for some, as farms become a distant memory and instead micro management takes over. It's only Sim City when it's all said and done, in that regard. There are at least early indicators that blueprints if learnt for one character may end up as Account-wide, that followers have large families and once you've proven a loyal and generous employer, they'll have the next four generations of their family happy to do your bidding. Or maybe the Goblins will clone everyone... who can tell. Needless to say I'd also ascribe to @Sivation's idea of when you move your Garrison there's a set of Pack Yaks that traverse the map, or maybe some Indiana Jones type music and a giant arrow moving from A to B. Either works for me :D

Finally we have the reminder that time is going to be a factor in all of this, and that some features might well have to wait. We will get monuments to celebrate achievements in PvP and PvE, but that purple, void-filled home away from home will probably have to wait, at least until a patch or possibly the NEXT Expansion, as clearly this would be a great way to hook everyone into the idea for the long haul. Suffice it to say, we've got a lot to think on from this frantic couple of hours of Tweeting on Saturday. Keep everything crossed it won't be long before we can finally get our hands on the work in progress...

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