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In Good News...

You know I said last week that if we didn't get any news this week this feature was in trouble? Well, thanks to Blizzard, we do in fact have something new to talk about:

Glad it's not just me, then :D

If I read this correctly, therefore, depending on WHERE you build will have consequences on WHAT you're able to do. Yeah, that makes a reasonable amount of sense. What we'll then need is a map of Draenor to consider those consequences in more detail:

2014's Top Holiday Destination...

Assuming the PvP Island and the other Island whose name escapes me aren't included in this entire shebang, that's seven *potential* zones we have to choose from when we place the Garrison. However, it is reasonable to assume that initially you won't be able to begin building in an area you've not previously explored, so that will further restrict your choices. In fact, that might reasonably tie everyone to the same starting area assuming that's the plan... but what if there's a choice there too? We know that Horde and Alliance will have capitols in separate areas... but as yet there's only been quests seen in Shadowmoon. I think that trying to work out where we begin is fairly pointless until there's more information available: what we can do however is consider the makeup of the zones themselves, and what relevance this may have not simply to how your Garrison is constructed, but as to the impact this could have for your Professions in the long term.

There was some discussion last week in my branch of Social Media as to the possibility that a Garrison could become a 'passive' gathering mechanic, where actions undertaken in the zone could directly affect your ability to produce certain items via Professions. We know that everyone starts with a Mine and (presumably) access to a Miner, but my understanding of the mechanic initially was that this provides you with stone to construct your Garrison't buildings and not to craft with. However, we are aware a range of Secondary Professions buildings exist in this model: I think it might be fair to reasonably assume that these would benefit from the local geography. Therefore, if you want specialist leathers, you'll be looking to place your home in a place like Nagrand, assuming it's still as full of skinnable wildlife as it was in TBC. Conversely, if you were looking for medicinal herbs, I'm betting that the Tanaan Jungle might be the spot to set up a Garrison with an Alchemy speciality. It's not hard to work out options on these basic principles.

There's a lot of crap out there, you know.

Part of the problem with professions as they stand is the sheer range of materials currently available that are utilised by them. If you're a hoarder like me, you'll know that even having a stack of everything is all well and good unless one of your raw materials no longer exists in game (and there's a few of those that spring to mind.) The more I think about it, the more I find myself thinking that professions are going to rely in Warlords on you having a Garrison, and it providing some key raw materials you'll need to level. There's also going to need to be some method for all those pre-made L90's that are Profession-free to level their skills... I can also see that our new home could be furnished with the means to make that happen.It will all depend on how generous Blizzard decide to be to the returning players, because they cannot be seen to favour them over the experienced crafters or I suspect there will be trouble. However the fact remains that if you're creating a new 90 out of the box, they'll be at a distinct tactical advantage if also preloaded with a skill boost, particularly if the Garrison is being tailored to assist players in their levelling progress with particular items or abilities.

I'll have to say at this point that simply reading that there's work going on is exciting... the next stage then becomes when we can get our hands on it. Blizzard are back in the office full time starting today, let's hope that this week sees some information sooner rather than later... :D

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