Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This Week I Will Be Mostly :: Juxtaposed with U


I finally got my arse in gear.

It was inevitable: my family of alts, however hard I stared at them, simply weren't going to level themselves, so I took it upon myself to get started with a couple and see how well things went. As it transpires I've gone great guns this last week, and I fully intend to continue this trend until I have many more people at 90. So far, I've managed the following:

Shaman is 89, and with an iLevel of 407. She's gotten there via numerous means: Pet Battles, mining, being dragged by P through Normal Instances (two computers FTW), Treasures of Pandaria, Pandarian Rares, and hasn't touched a quest since the Starting Area. She's maintaing her healing Spec too, with a full set of 496 gear awaiting her at 90 before I suspect being dragged about the Timeless Isle for a bit (again by P) to pick up enough Coins for a weapon, though I may just say bugger it and go straight for LFR and see if I luck out. We will see. Needless to say, as my Blacksmith it was glorious to take her to the Klaxxi Quest Hub, throw enough Zandalari Warbringer tokens at her to get the rep required for all the BS patterns, and then hand her the Kyparite to buy them, all at 88. I can finally make the Living Steel Belt Buckle. GO ME.

Non-Guilded Vanity Druid is at 87 with an iLevel of 416 (yay for BoA weapons), and proving a joy to level as a Principle Skinner. I made money from Tol Barad, then doing the Nessingwary Quests as an excuse to kill all of the stuff to skin. I knocked off John Dar enough times solo while in the area to have his Terracotta Fragment as a trinket too, but nothing actually useful to wear. I got the last half a level scooping up Treasures and sneaking around picking flowers, but I am still to max either gathering skill. Once I have rested up to 88 I'll be popping out to Townlong to kill higher level nasties and see what other Treasures I can pick up for massive XP boosts. I'm loving Boomkin again, had forgotten how indestructible my Druid is with rolling HoT's.

The token male Hunter has begun his journey to 86 and will be skulking around the Jade Forest wielding the impressive-for-his-level and fully upgraded Archaeology hunter weapon. He's already at iLevel 394 which I suspect may well get augmented over time. As an Engineer and a Miner, there's a bit of work to do, and his gathers will get used to max his skill. I am hoping to kill enough mobs to get the book to drop so we can add him to the Jard's Bandwagon, and after that...? Well, who knows. He and his beetle George had a great time late last night riding their Chopper around the Forest, for that fact alone I can see myself spending time with him as relaxation.


These three are my focus, and once I have them maxxed we'll organise getting everyone a Farm and some jobs to do. On that front the Rogue has opened up all 16 plots on her place and I'll spend this weekend getting everyone so they can buy their own place, set their hearthstones to the Valley, and start churning out raw materials. I alsmost have enough Living steel to make the two Engineering Battle Pets and once that's done I have some long term goals: a couple of Fridges for bank alts, and then to put down materials to make at least one Sky Golem for investment, after which I'll sell any Steel I make that's not used for Belt Buckles or other sundries.

It's a lot to do, but I'm having a great time doing it. In fact, I'd go so far as to say this is the most fun I've had in-game for quite some time...

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