Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This Week I Will be Mostly :: Date Stamp

The clock is ticking!

Every day is a day closer to the Expansion.

This has become my mantra, as I realise that, at some point, Blizzard HAVE TO DO A BETA. That means a finite timescale, a limited number of days. The sooner I get everything I want done, the more time I'll have to sit back and relax, so I'm taking these days as necessary effort for long-term reward. As it stands, things are going remarkably well, almost too much so. I keep expecting spanners in the works but I've not as yet found any. Fingers crossed this continues to be the case.

Finally sorted :D

I knocked off the achievement with the Vanity Guild Boomkin, who has proven a real joy to play and surprisingly robust on the Timeless Isle. She'll be grinding the 20k coins required for a weapon upgrade as a first priority (especially as this will be upgraded in the next content patch) and then will farm and collect glods, and possibly get the Vanity Guild to Level Three, because, you know, GOING FASTER. There's a lot of cash to be gathered from old quests should we have a longer than anticipated wait for Beta, so I won't be at a loss (like that would ever actually happen.) Anyway, that's 90 Number Five. Time to sort some new ones, then!

Small but brilliant.

The Lock is 89, and if I grind for an hour once I've done this post she'll be 90. This was my second ever 'serious' character too, and it is highly satisfying to finally have her ready to max. She'll go get the Cloud Serpent rep as a matter of urgency and then I'll spend the next week throwing her into Heroics in an attempt to get Jewelcrafting/Alchemy recipes to drop. This is also the mog outfit I think I'm most proud of, which is likely to stay until the new models arrive so I can see just how awesome it looks then :D Again, I predict a 20k point farm for a weapon and then an inordinate amount of faffing, because I can.

Some Druid that I used to know...

I dragged Main Guild Druid around for a couple of hours last night on the back of the Rocket, and she's four bars away from 87. As a result she'll be the next one playing Pet Battles this week until we can get her to 89 and she can begin the Island Adventure. This mog also probably needs a bit of work. That reminds me, I ought to do a massive post on all my outfits at some point. Consider me adding this to the ever-growing 'To Do' List.

And  finally...

I didn't realise until I did this that both Priest and Lock are rocking the same hairstyle, I'll need to change that as a matter of urgency. This one's halfway through 86 too, so some swift dragging around to collect Treasures of Pandaria is in order. I don't need the minimap icons any more to locate the things either, I'm doing it by memory, which may or may not be a bad thing, but it does mean a lot of quick and hassle free XP when you're being towed around by a 90. Also, many things to auction and use from Small Bags of Goods. As this one is also an enchanter I can recycle all the Rare Drop armour to boot.

I'm hoping that by the time you come back to me next week all three of these ladies will be 90. That then leaves the Bloke Hunter, the Palalalaladin and the Monk who are above 70 to deal with... and after that it's just lowbies to consider. it will mean I've managed to deal with and level everyone to 90 in just under a month. Not bad going, and proves that if you put your mind to something, pretty much anything is doable with realistic goals. Of course, should the beta drop before the weekend... ^^

With that in mind I'd better get on with it! LESS TALKING MOAR LEVELLING...

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Kamalia said...

I love that red and gold mog your Lock is wearing! You definitely *should* do a "what my characters are wearing" post sometime. I've loved all the outfits you've shown previously -- it would be great to see them all!