Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Week, I Will be Mostly :: Cough Cough


A second 90 this week on the back of my Shammy last week is looking increasingly likely :D

Actually, this week's been pretty good for me getting my arse in gear: I have a diary for the game, which is proving remarkably useful in reminding me to do stuff and making me feel guilty that I haven't. Pretty much everyone who is 85 now has some effort made on them to get them to 86, in one form or another. My Shammy did Part One of the Seige for the first time ever and came away with THREE upgrades, including the 540 Staff from the Sha, so will be be dps for the foreseeable future. I am even getting organised with farms and daily transmutes on a *gasp* actual daily basis. All in all, this is probably the best I've been with the whole family since at least before the start of Pandaria.

Then there's the Bucket List.

Still smiling this morning :D

I should thank everyone who's congratulated me on Twitter, getting the Glory of the Icecrown Raider has been pretty high on my priority list for some time, as I've only had Been Waiting a Long Time for This to complete it for the best part of two years. It proved to be a suitable challenge to two man this as well, forcing me to take off the Legendary cloak so we could complete it. As it ended up, I did the last 70% solo anyway, but I couldn't have done it without Mr Alt tanking everything else up to that point. This means all my ICC 10 Man Achievements are done: the next attainable mount via Meta is the 25 version from Ulduar. I'll be adding that to the list starting today.

I'll be dragging large numbers of alts to the Timeless Isle this week to follow each other around and pick up stuff. Farming will go into high gear to get ready for the Scribe getting to 90 and me making all the remaining glyphs I need to fashion everyone with a full set (they're not removing glyphs from Warlords, right?) Then I really ought to spend an evening with Mr Robot and sort out everyone's gear and reforges so they're doing the best they can when out farming... however, tomorrow is my first run for the Accidental Goldmaker, and to say I'm excited is a) an understatement and b) probably a bit sad, but you takes your moments when you can in these pre-Beta days...

Right: less typing, more actual work. LET'S GO.

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Jonathan said...

Grats on the mount! I'm one cheev away from the 25-man version, still a few to do on the 10-man one.

It's quite fun pottering about in those old instances. :-)