Friday, January 24, 2014

The Accidental Goldmaker
Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Part the First!

Right then, here's how this is going to work.

Every month, I farm a place. a LOT. I won't be doing it for the items that drop, I'll be doing it for something else... in this case, four more Skyshards. All the stuff I get spare's gotta go somewhere. That's where you guys come in. You suggest cool stuff to do with all this useless stuff that dropped that I wasn't farming for. I pass that onto the Community, everyone learns to make more money, ALL PROFIT. So, without further ado, let's get down to it.

Beautifully sparkly.

I took 3 Potions of Luck with me too, and fought my way into the Halls to use the Guo-Lai Cache Keys I'd collected. Needless to say, I saw a fair bit of Plundered Treasure killing the number of mobs I was. There's something very satisfying in destroying huge piles of mobs, you know. Proper farming and EVERYFINK.

Quite messy in the screen department too...

Right, so you can see I hit stuffs from time to time. The question then becomes, how much stuff did I pile up? I ran out of space several times and was forced to send stuff away to an alt, which amounted to 125 Windwool Cloth and 14 Green items. You'll see why I had to make some space.

Nice and neat :D

That's a pair of Epic shoulders as well in the bottom left:

Hope my Auctionator total's right for those... ^^

Needless to say, I know where those shoulders are going, but what about everything else? You want a Master List of what dropped...  well here it is:

  • Windwool Cloth (over 200) plus 3 Bolts
  • 17 green items (iLevel 416/429)
  • +10 plus of the three new Pandarian Cookery materials
  • 34 Ghost Iron Ore
  • 25 Black Trillium ore, 18 White Trillium ore
  • 40 Spirit Dust
  • 30 Exotic Leather

So, that's what you have to work with. Remember all of this is a bonus, or in this case a way of making up for another hour's work without seeing a Skyshard drop. Again. It's a cloth heavy haul but with a smattering of Pandaria base raw materials. If you were given this to sell at the biggest possible profit to yourself, what would you do? Feel free to answer at length in the Comments or send me an e-mail:

alternativegodmother (at) gmail (dot) com

And as I do this farm I'll use your ideas and see which makes the best monetary result.  As I know you'll want the advantage of knowing which server I'm on for this, you'll want to look up Shadowsong in the EU for your price comparisons. Don't say I don't give you nice things.

Oh, and cookies to everyone who decides to take part in this, remember you're helping not just me but the Community to become better gold farmers in their everyday lives.

Over to you :D


R said...


Here's what I'd do. General advice, though, not specific to your server, but I've used this general technique on 2 servers with great long-term success (I have a 3rd server ready to go for WoD but am slacking until WoD comes out).

Quick answer:

Cloth: Convert to bolts, use for Tailoring daily CD(s).

Greens: Vendor

Ghost Iron Ore: Convert to bars, use bars for xmute to trillium bars to xmute to Living Steel or in various Eng/BS daily cooldowns

Trillium Ore: Prospect

Leather: Convert to Magnificent Hide

Others: No advice to offer

R said...

Longer answer:

Cloth - convert to bolts, send to Tailor, add 'em to the pile of bolts already in place for daily Cocoon cooldown (I'm still doing the Celestial cooldown as well but sales of the crafted items are slowing down so not sure how much longer I'll be doing that for).

Greens - I have more enchanting mats than I can use so I just vendor these, they typically vendor for more than the DE mats are worth anyway, doubly so for weapons. Different story if they're L83/L84 equipped items, though, those CAN sell on the AH for decent gold depending on the server... listing deposits are high even at 12hr, though, so risky to list.

Cookery Mats - I don't have a toon that can use them yet so no advice to offer. If that ever changes I'll come back and update.

Ghost Iron Ore - I smelt to bars and either use for cooldowns (Engineering for mount/pets, Blacksmithing for gear (see: Tailoring, may not be worthwhile anymore)) or for xmuting to Trillium Bars. Those bars can be sold (if they're worth significantly more than 10x the value of GI bars, or 8x if you're xmute spec) or used for the Living Steel xmute. Really quick math, if xmute spec (I estimate a 15% proc bonus), GI ore/bars @ 2g/4g/ea is equivalent to Living Steel at 175g... chances are it's worth quite a bit more than that on the market. LS can be sold as-is or converted to buckles or used for various recipes (mounts, pets, etc). I'm selling 5-10 buckles a week for about 500g/ea so that's netting me 125K/year on the aggregate (doesn't that sound more impressive than 365g/day?).

Trillium Ore - Prospect... generally the prospected gems will be worth 200-400% of what the Trillium Ore is worth on the AH. I tend to sell the rare gems (cut or uncut) on the AH and use the uncommons for personal use, I'll just make gems until I get a Perfect cut of what I need and vendor the uncommon cut gems that weren't perfect. If the rares are worth less than 10x the uncommons, though, I'd do it the other way around, they just usually aren't. Blue gems (colour, not rarity) are just stockpiling for me, I'll probably end up cutting and vendoring them. The other gems all move in the volumes I work with (not huge, I've never been a fan of gems for gold-making, they're more of a by-product).

Spirit Dust - I'd throw it in the bank with the rest of my Spirit Dust. There might be some enchants that are worth making/selling/donating but it's not a market I've chased.

Exotic Leather - Either sell on the AH (if they're worth more than 2% of a Magnificent Hide (4g/200g, ballpark)) or use a Leatherworker to convert 50 leather to a MH (or use the 20 leather daily CD if not doing it otherwise... but do that every day regardless, it's free gold). Either sell the hide, use it for the LW daily CD (see Tailoring / Blacksmithing above in terms of whether gear sells) or use it with a Spirit of Harmony to make one of various leg armours, assuming those sell for more than a hide + 2 Golden Lotus (so, usually 250g or so combined).

Beyond those, I'd also do a quick AH scan for cloth, ores (GI and trillium) and leather and snap up any cheapies that are listed and work those up at the same time. On my slower servers I value cloth at 1.5g, GI ore at 2g (bars at 4g), trillium at 10g and leather at 2.5g... I'll buy anything (within reason, although reason can be up to and including 1000 stacks of ore... for reference, that's about a month's supply for Living Steel dailies for 5 toons) below those prices and convert them as above.

Side-advice: If i415 L85 rare crafted gear proc items sell well on your AH, that's another viable use for cloth/ore/leather... craft a mix of slots, vendor the greens and sell the blues and if you're able to make 200-500g for each of the blues, you should come out well ahead. Might be too late in the expansion to get on that bandwagon but if that blue proc paradigm comes along to WoD, keep it in mind.

My 2c.

Joar said...

With the cloth at least, it appears that Spellthreads sell pretty well on your server, so I'd use the daily tailoring cooldowns and convert as much as possible to spellthreads.

No motes of harmony out of all that farming? If you got a few, you could use those for the accelerated cooldowns, especially since the price of Golden Lotus is somewhat low on your server.