Friday, January 10, 2014

Pack Up

The important thing is none of the items are being removed. If an item doesn't make it into the Toybox tab, the item will remain as it always has.

The net effect will still be more inventory space for you.

In possibly the most comprehensive response to a topic that I've seen by a blue for some time, Rygarious yesterday set out the stall on what we can expect to see being removed from our bags and being transferred into the new 'Toybox' Feature that will launch in Warlords. What's become more apparent from all of this is what this feature is capable of... and what it can't do. There are likely to be a great many items that by their very design won't fit into the system being proposed... and if you take the time to read the entire thread, we're talking about a remarkable back catalogue of completely useless items that they need to consider. Yes I typed that deliberately: most of the stuff we're talking about really is cosmetic only. I need only to look at my own bags to know how much of their contents is there to faff around with during Raid Night...

Much crap. Many useless. Very fun.

My biggest personal concern for this was the old guy there with the hat: Archmage Vargoth's been the Guild Mascot since he appeared in TBC and there were some real concerns he might vanish, but he's there in the post so I know the Blizz guys have his best interests at heart. Burgy Blackheart's Handsome Hat also gets a namecheck (got that by accident at the start of Cata :D) as does the Orb of Deception (which it'll be great to be able not to have to equip to actually use.) There is also the suggestion that many of these items might end up as BoA as well, which would be fabulous news for the transformation items allowing you to FAFF OVER MANY ACCOUNTS SIMULTANEOUSLY. There's still some grey areas: will my C'Thun Tentacle find its way into the Toybox as it is an item of armour with a comedy on-use effect? What about the items I deleted because there simply wasn't any bag-space left? Will I be able to get them back at all?

Might be hope for your quest items... ^^

As Rygarious says in his post, it is early days for this feature, and there's a fairly sizeable back-catalogue of items the Devs will have to file through in the weeks to come: a lot will depend on what on-use abilities an item has, or if simply activates whilst being in your bags (as is the case with the Haunted Memento.) Needless to say, at a time where smart people would be clearing out bag-space to anticipate an Expansion arrival, it looks like it might be a smart idea to preserve ANYTHING that you want as a vanity item and survive with reduced space until Warlords arrives. There's also a quite significant financial implication woven into this for goldmakers if lots of items end up as BOA (I'm thinking of the Orb of Deception as a biggie) and if the Haunted Memento goes the same way... well, time to start watching the news from Blizzard as it develops.

Fortunately for you, we have a Podcast for that :D

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