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Money's Too Tight To Mention

After my appearance on the podcast he co-presents with Nev from Auction House Addict. Marcus Ty was good enough to present me with some more permanent tips for gold making. Marcus has been playing World of Warcraft for nearly ten years and has written numerous articles and guides on the art and craft of making Warcraft gold. You can contact him on Twitter @MarcusTy and via his blog: WoW Gold Journal.

Without further ado, I'll let Marcus take the reins. The words are his, I'll be providing the pictures.


What advice could you possibly give to a ten year Warcraft veteran on the making of gold in-game?

This was the challenge that I faced when I invited the Godmother of the blog Alt:ernative Chat to the Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast to talk about her new project 'The Accidental Goldmaker'. It turns out that the answer was both surprising to those of us gold makers and instructive to established players who may not have considered some of the gold making hints and tips that were dished out on the show. It's not every day that you get the chance to interview a ten year Warcraft veteran like the Godmother and ask about her gold making. So, I jumped at the chance when she tweeted that she was up for a chat about her new project called 'The Accidental Goldmaker'. Without too much delay my co-host, Nev of the blog Auction House Addict, and I invited Godmother into the Pig & Whistle recording studio and quizzed her about her Warcraft experience over the years and her new project.

Now, like many other players in the game, Godmother is not what Nev and I would call a gold maker; that is, she doesn't systematically set out to make gold with the aim of achieving some in-game financial goal. However, over her years of questing, grinding, leveling and vendoring her spoils she has, nevertheless, accumulated wealth and, in the Godmother's case, amassed a goodly fortune of 500,000g. She is, like many other players in the game, a casual or incidental gold maker. Let me explain. Most players don't set out to just play the Auction House - they generally want to hang out with their mates and enjoy the game in it's entirety. Like Godmother they have absorbed a few Auction House skills but it's never been an integral part of their game. After a night of Raiding or questing they sling their spoils up on the Auction House and make a little gold. Godmother even admitted that she used to Bark her wares which is something that most gold makers don't do.

The bankalt who does all the Godmother's dirty work :D

So what's the problem? Well, there is no problem really. There is nothing in the game that says you have to make a million gold, or you have somehow failed in your virtual life if you have less gold than your guild mates. Most players want enough gold to repair or buy the gear they need for their style of game-play or perhaps add to their stable of epic mounts. I believe Godmother has close to two hundred! The problem that Godmother seemed to be having was that she wasn't making gold as efficiently as she would like. She was indeed a casual maker of gold. So what gold making advice can we give someone like the Godmother? Unlike new players to the game, Godmother has several enormous advantages when it comes to making gold in Azeroth:

  • Experience - Godmother is familiar with many of the traditional markets.
  • Professions - Godmother has many alts with maxed-out professions.
  • Capital - Godmother has a large stash of gold (capital) to work with.
However, she is not making the most of her assets. To improve her gold making efficiency, Godmother needs to be a little more systematic in her approach to the Auction House and a little more focused on the way she utilizes her markets. When it comes to the Auction House, Godmother surprised us. Until very recently, she hadn't been using any Auction House addon. Fortunately Nev sorted her out. Without an addon, it can be very time consuming to collate the necessary market information needed to traded effectively. It's also laborious to list items on the Auction House and as we know Time's Money Friend. It also became clear when talking to Godmother that she wasn't really using any of her professions in a traditional gold making sense. So right there is a missed opportunity. Given the full array of maxed-out professions that her alts possess she could even exploit what we gold makers call the 'shuffle' - moving material between profession alts to make a profit. But that might be a tip too far.

Large Piles of Skinnable mobs are good money.

For now, my advice would be to focus on one profession that she likes the most and work with related markets. In Godmothers case this turned out to be Leatherworking. Now like many players not used to working the Auction House, Godmother's first response was that, given her vast experience of skinning locations, she would farm leather and slap it up on the Auction House. Job done. Well, not quite. As Nev and I pointed out to her, this is fine for players in their early levels with little gold capital, but for someone with Godmother's experience it's a waste of her time and not the most efficient way to make gold. Better to make use of her maxed-out Leatherworker and craft gear from the hard-to-find patterns she has sourced over the years of game-play. She has enough gold capital to easily buy cheap mats from the Auction House using shopping lists with her Auction House Addon.

Another idea that I put to Godmother was that, given her love of the leather market, she should try making gold by flipping leather transmog gear. I pointer her to my article Making Gold With Transmogrification. It's important that Godmother enjoy her crafting and gold making and not turn it into another job. I suggested spending no more than 15-20mins a playing session on her Auction House listings.   So there you have it. I guess there are some gold making hints that you can give to a ten year Warcraft veteran after all.

In summary :

  • Efficiently use the Auction House by installing common Auction House Addons.
  • Maximize the use of professions by crafting desirable gear.
  • Utilize existing gold capital by sourcing cheap mats from the Auction House.
  • Utilize her leather experience of the leather market to exploit the transmog market.
  • Be systematic in the use of Auction House making it part of every game-play.

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R said...

Good starting point for a plan. My personal process is a mix of 1, 3 and 5 in the summery list with, basically, cherry-picking a profitable (and generally limited-quantity, daily cooldown) element from each profession and creating it as cheaply as possible without farming the mats myself (unless absolutely necessary).