Friday, January 31, 2014

Love What You Do :: Part One

Many things. Some no longer exist.

On Sunday I celebrate Five Years of Warcraft Blogging.

I'd tried to start a blog three years prior to that but there just hadn't been the time with two young kids to get everything in, but Wrath saw me realise that there was so much I wanted to write and a couple of hours a week when my youngest was at Nursery to FINALLY put some time aside for writing. It wasn't exactly inspiring stuff to begin with, just a lot about the characters I played and what I did on any given day, but it was a start, and an important step forward in a journey that shows no sign yet of either slowing down or becoming any less enjoyable.. This weekend my Podcast and the Blog will be looking back on the last five years, and looking forward to what is to come. Both my Podcasts will be featured as I'm interviewed in Tuesday's upcoming Realm Maintenance. I have articles coming up this week in The Azerothian and am already featured in Meta Gamer. I've never been terribly good at self-promotion either, so you will have to forgive the next couple of days, but I think five years of ANYTHING is a big deal.

I can't give you an Onyxia Whelpling for my birthday, but if you hang around on Sunday there are giveaways, and a Contest, because giving stuff back to the people who read me is becoming increasingly more important. Without you guys and the support and publicity you give me... well, I'd still be in the dark, and I like the light you bring every day, illuminating the stories I tell and the subjects I discuss. That matters and is important, and as a result you deserve some reward. But as I seem to do quite well I am digressing. I'm here to talk about what's changed since 2009. Just a look at my quest list from mid Wrath up there is enough to bring on a full-on bout of nostalgia. The Argent Tournament, the weekly Dungeon Quest, PvP Quests too (I miss the Isle.) Add to that the fact I was midway through the AQ40 Sceptre quest and faffing about for the first time solo in old Raid Instances and... this was the birth of my Faffing Days, when the stuff I'd never done of old finally became something I could experience, when collecting stopped being just a whim and became a full-time hobby. If I'm honest, not that much has changed in five years.

My first selfie, atop my then brand new bear. Nothing changes :D

Back then Dalaran was my home, the Daily Fishing and Cookery quests the first things I'd do when I logged. I farmed a lot of leather in the Fjord, as I recall, and the Tournament was a source of utter frustration. Jousting was REALLY hard for me, I just couldn't get my head around the mechanics. There were far less alts too, but the basic family were still there. Everyone got a play, but ultimately my love for P was where I began and ended. This was the point, I realise now, that she'd stopped simply being a bunch of pixels on a screen and had become a part of what I was. That year was significant for many reasons, on reflection, but I still don't regret any of the time I have spent in game. The people I have met and the experiences that have come and gone are a part of what I am and have made me the person I have now become. This is the happiest and most confident I have ever been, but most significantly this is the truest I feel I have ever been to the person I believe I am. My words tend to fail me at moments like this, which is odd because those words are what have ultimately contributed to this transformation. Sometimes, feeling is more important than saying or doing. I think this is probably one of those moments.

I should probably stop becoming overly emotional and get to the point.


There really is very little difference between then and now in terms of what this blog is all about. The only major change is that I relaxed at some point and stopped worrying so much about what I said, and more people came along to read. Despite how some other people might view social media I do my utmost to try and get to know everyone who appears on my radar, to learn what I can about them and how they play, and ultimately this makes me a better player. I'm grateful to everyone who has passed by and commented on my Blog over the years, from the regular Guildies to the new people in the US, Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe. Every comment is read and (apart from one horrible loss that wasn't actually of my doing) I've never needed to delete a comment in all that time. I reckon that means I'm doing something right . After all, without the feedback, this would be a very lonely place to play, and there isn't a day that I'm not grateful for having found such a wonderful community to be a part of.

So, that's the gushy self-promotion over. The next couple of days will have some Anniversary Gubbins pinned to it: if you're just here for the free stuff, that happens on Sunday, so feel free to loiter until then and help yourself to the Complimentary Buffet. Oh, and if you want to buy me something... keep your cash. Despite all of this, I'm still quite happy just to be over here, quietly faffing, not bothering anyone in the process.

In that regard I understand that I've not really changed at all.


Raymond Hafner II said...

Happy anniversary and here is to 5 more years for your fun in game and the blog itself!

Jonathan said...

I remember reading your previous blog that you mention. Does that qualify me for a Feat of Strength? :-)

Jemma Powell said...

Happy Bloggiversary! I'm struggling to reach my one year, let alone five! (Tho most of that is forgetting to come write stuff rather than having nothing to write ^^)

Yoco said...

Happy Bloggiversary! It definitely takes a certain energy to keep it going.

Your post made me check when I made my first (of very few) blog post, and I just realized that that was ... exactly one year ago yesterday ...

Tome oftheAncient said...

Congratulations on five years! Oh! Are those stuffed shrimp over there on the buffet! I'm off to get a few of those.

Alipally said...

Wow! 5 years is a long time. I will keep reading as long as you keep blogging. The ball is in your court. ;)

Jstmel said...

Happy Bloggiversary Godmother!!!! Here's to hoping you are around for another 5!

If you'll excuse me now, I have to go Freeze Trap Tome to make sure there are enough stuffed shrimp for the rest of us.


Matty said...

Mazel Tov dear lady, and thank you for doing what you do: msking us all feel charmed!

arcanewordsmith said...

Congratulations on hitting the half decade mark! It's amazing to look back on the things we've done in such a time.

I also still treasure my Heart of the Aspects mount and never forget where it came from.

Erinys said...

Happy anniversary :)