Sunday, January 19, 2014


Caves. is there anything they can't level? :D

I should apologise for being late with my Blog post today, but I wanted to get a level on the Vanity Guild Druid and on a Sunday, that's no mean feat. All the Rares are farmed to within an inch of their reset timers and my normal levelling spots are normally taken, but today the caves in Kun Lai were wonderfully quiet. With the nature of my professions skills on the two alts I was utilising (skinning, herbalism, mining) these caves are a veritable goldmine, and especially for the Herbalist when a Golden Lotus spawns (15 minutes Lucky buff yields a fair few Plundered Treasure.) Plus, with both alts rocking Mist-Piercing Goggles in their bags... well, needless to say I have two bags PACKED with raw materials to distribute and sell once this post is done.

Two Toons and a Cave :D

This combination is surprisingly effective too, and I'm suddenly considering the merits of getting the second Hunter better geared so I can use her to drag other low level nublets around areas for financial gain. It helps that my Server a) is pretty quiet atm and b) I can pretty much recycle everything that I kill. If I had a Tailor I suspect I'd be better off with the Sprite Cave and the snow piles as my Cave Du Jour but looking at the leather spoils I have, not to mention the huge pile of Snow Lily that I picked up in the caves too. This exercise also maxxed my Druid's gathering skills so when I get to the Island I'll be able to capitalise on my time there making sure lots of stuff is picked up and made money with.

Druid not exactly interactive as yet.

I'm finding this a really interesting way to not simply level, but learn how to use two machines successfully. At present no-one's actually died either, but I am aware that the Hunter not only needs a respect as well as the gear, but could do with some more useful macros than she currently owns. This means, before I do another session of this, there's going to be some faffing on that front. Needless to say, two boxing as a plan seems to be working really rather well.

Now it's time to see how much I've picked up from the exercise...

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