Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dawning of a New Era

Auspicious title, odd graphic, gets no better.

This is fantastic.

No, really, it is. This is the best time I've had in game for as long as I can remember, and I'm not just saying that, because some people seem to think that's what happens. I'm not here to make you feel bad that you're not enjoying playing, I'm just doing what I've always done, coming up for five years now. However, this is an odd place I find myself in, and I realise that Pandaria has changed a great deal more in my game playing than perhaps I'd first grasped when we started this journey last September. It could be, of course, that I'm the one that's changed, which may well also be correct, but if I look back to the end of Cataclysm...

This Expansion has been hard work. I'm actually beginning to enjoy that.

Mr Alt last night asked me why I've gone out of my way to avoid any questing unless I can make any secondary income out of it, and I realised it's not just because I have a moral aversion to completing that particular journey. I'm gaining far more enjoyment in actively finding ways to avoid the traditional grind, because I really have fallen out of love with the Quest Model, which would have been a bit of an issue when it remained the only manner in which to get to End Game. However, Pandaria introduced a massive amount of alternative choice to the levelling model, quite apart from the path you can take using Instances and Battlegrounds. Pet Battling as a method of XP gain's been absolutely fabulous, and having people like Liopleurodon and her Blog around is really rather useful in knowing which pets I ought to be levelling so when I extract the digit and finish off those bits of the Xpac I've not done, I'm already ahead of the game. Then there's collecting the Treasures of Pandaria and doing Lost and Found/Relic Hunter as a means for XP gain which has not simply a massive payoff, but an element of danger I'm finding quite thrilling.

Once I decided to do this using the 90 Hunter as Logistics Co-Ordinator, things got really very interesting indeed.

Three Guesses where we're going :D

It started off simply enough: drag the Shammy around whilst I kill Rares, which was great until she ran out of rested and I got impatient to push her to 90. So, I decided we were going to fly to the Timeless Isle and I was going to do my 50 Epoch Stones and 20 Elites with an Earth Shield an the ability to mine ore on follow. Every mob, regardless of rarity is 10k XP towards the total, and I was doing what I always do, only this time with the added benefit of MAKING MORE MONEY. Frankly, I should have started this months ago, but only now am I in a position to maximise the potential for this. This means I can take my 86 Priest/DE-r out for the Rares and shard everything. The other Hunter can come along and mine as the Shaman is when she's done... and I can carry on with my daily routine with the benefit of making an entirely separate Toon happy. I just had to learn to grasp the complexities around me and understand that time is the most precious resource I own, and as a result it needs to be maximised wherever possible.

Of course, having a Two Person Flying Mount makes transportation utterly academic (especially getting to the Island.) The Shammy can't loot the chests she's seeing sparkle at her, but dirt piles and mobs yield Coins aplenty, plus Lesser Charms which she can start stacking to ensure we pick up Warforged Seals as soon as we hit 90. It also helps having a second machine to do this with (though I could just as easily run two accounts from the same PC, I just choose to use this setup for convenience.) I don't even have macros, which I could organise, I just stick one on follow and off I go. I'll do my best to grind out 90 tonight doing Leather, which remains by far the most lucrative means for me to make money on the Island for the Hunter, allowing the Shammy to be exactly where she needs to be to clear out all the chests and then gear over the weekend. After that, I have a choice of recipients to come play whilst I clean up.


Frankly, I'm having a whale of a time, mostly because I've got the measure of what I need to do. There are clear, concise goals on the table to be completed. First up: all these guys to 90, so I can pick a Warrior to create at 90 and learn the only class I've never really got my head around without the mind-numbing tedium of 90 levels of frustration that's meant I never had one past L20. I'm going to use the feature as Blizzard intended and pick summat new to try. Everyone else will me maxxed before Warlords, because I have a plan.

It's glorious.

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dobablo said...

Oddly I intent to moaning about levelling via pet-battles in my next blog. Well actually it is one particular moan about one particular battle trainer...

AoE classes are great for levelling on Timelost Isle. Those grub packs around the tree are very tasty.