Sunday, January 12, 2014

Confusion the Waitress

Piles of mobs. MANY, MANY piles of mobs.

I said midweek I'd been a bit rubbish organising myself in-game because of other projects: well, yesterday afternoon I managed to snatch a couple of hours and was able to work a massive amount of things out, which has gone a long way towards organising myself far better for the week ahead. This will be the first week for some time I've not capped Valor before the weekend, but that's actually not a disaster in the wider scheme of things. It has given me a chance to standardise my faff time, to work out who needs what, and to lay down a goodly supply of raw materials to use later in the week, a trend I intend to continue today. It transpires that getting a mining alt to 16 plots at the Tillers Farm is a fabulous way not only to build up a stockpile of items, but also to practice being a better Rogue (in my case), earn some money and set up a routine to boot. In fact, I have a confession to make.


There, I said it.

When it is routine that drives so many people away, I find myself more able to plan and organise when it exists, especially in the quiet times. As a result, today, I will be sending alts to various Daily hubs and letting them earn Valor and cash by doing just that. I'll attempt to match the Hubs to individual skillsets, so I can maximise additional forms of income as a result. The key however, is the Valor rewards. If I can complete some dailies and grab more cash as well as the points, I will slowly accrue 3000 Valor per character in the most stress-free manner possible, which I can then spend on upgrades, and as that would mean 522 items that everyone on this particular list can use pre-Expansion, that's an additional added bonus. If I get to LFR at some point, so much the better, but I could even combine this with completing quests in zones I've not done too. What I'm going to crave in the next couple of months is VARIETY, and a way to at least make sure everyone's gear is not woeful enough to struggle when levelling, but at the same time it doesn't need to be LFR quality to continue. I've learnt that lesson from Cataclysm: when time is of the essence, you want to combine your activities in the most effective manner possible. For me that means money before gear, and that's a fairly significant shift from the last Expansion.

I could just go to the Timeless Isle and grind stuff in the hope that Burdens drop, but really I have no desire to do this on any more than one character a week, which is odd for someone who says they miss a Daily Grind. However the island is unforgiving at low gear levels and pushes you to LFR to upgrade so you can come back and make it easier, and that's one gating mechanic I refuse at this stage in the game to ascribe to. I would far rather get my alts to 90, do a circuit of the Island with them for chests to collect further stuffs, and *possibly* gather enough coins to upgrade weapons, but that's then pretty much it, because when 90-100 begins again everything will get upgraded via levelling, and there's no real point in sweating the gear issue. If this expansion taught me one thing it's that time IS money, friend. The Goblins were right. Money is what matters this time around, and the best way to make that is with something else, as we're going to amply demonstrate next week. On reflection, the 5.4 patch hub has a lot to answer for.

There's always one mob that refuses to play.

The Timeless Isle has pretty much completely devalued the significance of the gearing process. It's also created a completely new way to make money just for yourself, for your alts, without having to worry about auction houses or shuffling or indeed any of that pointless faffing about. This means that when I get my next 90 to the Island it's pretty much pure profit all the way. You see, every alt I've got thus far already has a pile of appropriate gear waiting for them, which means anything else I pick up is pretty much surplus to requirement. Mr Alt steered me towards the most simple of tips to bring in some gold I'm really quite embarrassed I never worked it out before. Although undoubtedly the most profitable way of selling the items is having an Enchanter who can convert them in to Sha Crystals, I don't have an Enchanter who wears every armour class. Rings, necks and cloaks are sorted for my Mage who can convert all the cloth. However, for everything else I have a problem. Unless, of course, I have a 90 who doesn't need the items... ^^

5g if you spot the Odd Item Out

This is how it's going to work, when I've written this I'll log my bankalt who has a pile of items sitting and waiting for me to sort (even if they look organised here) and I'll check that every pre-90 alt that needs has a complete set of gear waiting for them, including rings and neck. Then all the items I can that are cloth go to my Mage to DE, but more significantly the mail and leather items go to my 90 hunter and rogue to convert to their appropriate items, before I vendor them. This is how Mr Alt turned a 4000g profit last night, simply from items in his bank he'd collected but not yet used. Selling them unconverted is 5g but as items they have a far larger value, but as BoP's... plus there's no AH legwork involved. Just your cash, in the bank. As I don';t (yet) have a Plate wearer at 90 I can't convert those items but for everything else, it's money that was just sitting in my bank gathering dust, and with the speed Timeless Items drop... I'd frankly be stupid not to. Plus, MOTHER OF ALL FAFFS.

So, if you wonder what I'm doing today, it is Logistics Sunday. Everyone gets a job to do, everyone gets some bonus items to play with, and by the end of today (hopefully) everyone at 90 has a clear task to complete, with enough variety to keep me interested in the cold months that follow... of course, if a beta appears in the next couple of weeks, there's the potential for all of this planning to gracefully sail out of the window.

We shall see.


Raymond Hafner II said...

Are you keeping any duplicates for your less than 90 alts, in case you end up with a super poor itemized item?

The Godmother said...

I thought about it, but frankly all this gear's gonna be squished/changed come Warlords anyway. There really doesn't seem a point in gearing well on anyone except my raider.

Matty said...

Shhhh! They might here you! Ex-nay on the Daily-nay!

Matty said...

*Hear -- sheesh - what is wrong with me!? I must have made that typo in my panic...

Kamalia said...

Hmm, what are those crystal scarabs doing in there with all those Timeless Isle tchotkes?

The Godmother said...

Your 5g is secure :D

R said...

One other option would be to use this as an excuse to level enchanting on a toon with each armour type... while I'm not positive this type of token system will ever show up in the game again, it's entirely possible that it will and those shards would significantly reduce the net cost of leveling enchanting. ;)