Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Army of Me


I'd like a Gnome Hunter.

I've wanted one for a while, and I'll freely admit it's not based on any precedent anywhere. It's just because a) I like gnomes and b) I like hunters. I realise that from a design standpoint this might cause all sorts of issues, especially with pet scaling, and then there's part of me that would like to be able to ride my pet as a mount, hop off when I pull and never need a formal mount again. Yes, this is all highly impractical and not a little bit fanciful but hey, I'm allowed to fantasise once in a while, right?

Apple Cider Mage wrote a really interesting post on how fans are continually extending the Warcraft universe in ways we're never likely to see duplicated in game. I think it is absolutely vital this continues to happen, and that Blizzard are listening, even if these ideas may never make it to the client. The thing is with creativity, is that it fosters further thought processes that might not get explored if the game's designers have their mindsets focussed in a particular direction. There are always possibilities, after all, the chance that your random suggestion for something brilliant might start an avalanche. After all, as Wowhead pointed out over the weekend, an awful lot of real people have been forever immortalised in game for a multitude of reasons. However, just because you're not one of the lucky people namechecked doesn't mean your contribution isn't required, far from it. In fact, the ability to foster creativity in all it's various forms is one of the reasons why the Warcraft Community remains as robust as it undoubtedly is after almost a decade. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not stunned by the creativity around me, inspired by a bunch of pixels on a computer screen.

Absolutely bloody amazing. And SO MANY PEOPLE ARE THIS GOOD.

I will now indulge in a moment of history: I can remember as a teenager having to write an essay about why the Renaissance took place in Italy when it did. Quite apart from the Black Plague breaking down the traditional system of feudalism, I like to think as Blizzard as the equivalent of Florence in the 1400's: developers and creative game designers have the money to hire artisans and craftspeople to work with them. This in turn encourages competition among the online artists and thinkers that are subsequently inspired/playing their work. Art begins to flourish and new thoughts begin to emerge, sprouting from the traditional 'line' of lore in the game, there is a fruitful and fertile ground in which to plant and grow ideas and possibilities. In fact, this post was born as I read the tweet above and linked it to Apple's post and Perculia's guide. That's how this works, and I'm really rather glad that it does, especially on quiet news days.

As long as I remain inspired by the game, I'll be here every day, throwing out my random thoughts to anyone who's prepared to take the time to read them. Being part of this Community is the best thing that has ever happened creatively to me in my entire life: the inspiration it has provided for other ventures and to send me again in different directions has been frankly staggering. I'll also happily admit that's not just good things either, there have been difficult and challenging moments in all of this. They too have given me a strength and focus I didn't previously possess, the desire to rise above the setbacks and make something positive from the defeats has become a real motivator for everything I do. When you understand that anything can be a catalyst, not simply the positive, then there is nothing to stop you.

I love living in this Renaissance. Long may it continue.


dobablo said...

Gnomes can't be hunters. They are the pets.

Whenever I hear suggestions of gnomes with pets I think of (which I admit would very cool).

James Flinders said...

Gnome hunters <3
Don't scale the pets
Gnome hunter's pets then have this brilliant 'psychotically protective' streak as a gnome hunter, you haven't tamed a pet. You've been adopted by it. You rolled your eyes, looked cute and vulnerable, and the big snarly thing thought, awww - I like you. And follows you around to keep an eye on you.

also Give me Gnome Paladins. Gnomes have discovered the light and their connection to it, and when they put their mind to things they are so dedicated to it. It can't be long before the first gnome enters the ranks of the Silver Hand.

Yoco said...

At the risk of veering off on a tangent ...

It is fun to notice that whenever the "missing race/class combos" topic comes up, Gnome Hunters are usually the first to be mentioned.

Btw, in your list of reasons for Gnome Hunters you forgot point c) : Gnomes are currently the only race who can't be hunters, so it would just be fair. :) It is not that their size would preclude them from being hunters, after all Goblins can be hunters just fine, and those are barely taller than Gnomes. And the point of "feeling" for hunterdom doesn't seem much different for Gnomes and Goblins either - both of those smallfolk seem a bit further away from nature and closer to tech stuff, but that didn't prevent Goblins from being hunters.

As for other "missing" class/race combos, the one I miss most are Goblin Monks. Seeing how goblins aren't really that popular for new characters anymore (due to being locked long to their starting zone), I don't see why that combo shouldn't be added...

Lyrestra said...

Back when hunter pets dispawned when we got on our mounts, I used to pretend I was actually riding my pet. I was happy and sad when they changed this.