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Alternative Chat :: BLIZZCON SPECIAL

I wasn't going to do this, but... well, the theme tune sealed it. You'll see, if you only listen to the first two minutes I've done my job this week.

This week, in our eighteen minutes of Blizzcon speculation:

  • I now know where Draenor is.
  • I am NOT prepared.
  • Bring on the DANCING DWARVES.
  • All the things I want from the Expansion and more.
  • What would make me forget everything.
  • Getting yourself added to the bar tab at Barcraft-on-Thames

Any thoughts or comments, or submissions for Question Time which we will not speak of again should no-one take any notice:

alternativegodmother (all one word) AT gmail DOT com



Go read all about the First War and Warcarft Lore at
The details of that old Reddit post can be found here (cheers Rel :D)
Subscribe to my Husband's YouTube channel here.

The webpage for Barcraft-on-Thames with amended location details can be found here.


As next Sunday is the day AFTER Barcraft, you won't get an episode until late Sunday Evening, but you can expect it to be something very special indeed. See you there!

The Final Countdown (Day 6) :: Say My Name

Not actual logo.

We interrupt this countdown of rambling for some ACTUAL NEWS.

I'd been discussing with various people the notion that many, many people already knew the Expansion's name, but weren't saying anything. If you're not familiar with the concept of the News Embargo (no, news isn't instant which may come as a surprise) it is something that doesn't get mentioned a great deal in gaming circles but is beginning to hold significant levels of importance in the way by which companies can create interest and enthusiasm about their product. Needless to say, yesterday MMO decided the gloves were off, and away we go. As Blizzard own the domain for this, I reckon that's as good as it gets but the fact this was only effectively registered yesterday...

That's a story for another day.

So, what exactly can we glean from this Title?

From coz B&W is COOL

A lot of the places on that map are gonna look familiar to you. I didn't immediately make the connection until the WowWiki came to may rescue: this is what became Outland. This where the Draenai lived with the peaceful, Shamanistic Orcs until they made a deal with a demon called Mannoroth and the place was pretty much reduced to rubble. This is where the Horde's journey as a faction begins, and how the Dark Portal allowed them access to Azeroth. If you want a title that takes us back to our origins, then this is it.

Without the Horde, there is no Alliance.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is pretty much it in terms of what this title tells us. Unlike Pandaria, we aren't being teased to a new land, this is pointing us very much back to old places and familiar stories, and that is something of a sea-change in terms of expectation. Returning to the First War gives us a pretty vast range of possibilities to consider in terms of where we could be sent to quest, and what we might expect to encounter as 'Big Bads' too... and, as we have not grown tired of pointing out, it's a fabulous setting for a movie. Yes, there will always be one eye on the Warcraft Motion Picture as we play this Expansion, and to start at the beginning... well, that makes a lot of sense. To keep those events fresh in everyone's minds as we play is also a sound move.

What did become apparent last night in Twitter discussion, at least in the pool of people I follow, is that very few people seemed against the idea. Yes, there was the obligatory joking and mickey-taking that is traditional at such announcements, but nobody seems that frustrated or annoyed at the choice of 'general theme' The Burning Crusade is very well liked as an expansion, is many people's entry point into the Franchise, and demons generally are a popular choice in terms of things to poke with pointy sticks. More significantly, if we are returning to the First War there is the very real possibility that the Caverns of Time may have a significant part to play in proceedings. We've not touched the place since Cataclysm after all... perhaps the lack of Dragon Aspects may now begin to have a detrimental effect on Azeroth life...

The fact I could sit here for days and easily cull scenarios from the start of Warcraft's history using Draenor as a start point is enough to tell me that it's actually time to stop speculating and now just wait. By this time next week I'll know enough to stop my brain from exploding, and if I didn't know already this is the moment to sit back and let other people go to town. We have a name, now all we have to do is wait to see exactly which direction the designers are going to take with it.

If they do it right, this could end up as Blizzard's finest hour.

Friday, November 01, 2013

The Final Countdown (Day 7) :: SEVEN DAYS

Okay, this one is a lot more interesting than it was when I first wrote this Guide. :D I've made some huge leaps and bounds in my gold-making abilities, and there are load of very significant people in that community who swing by this parish on a daily basis. They'll read this (I'm sure) and be ready to offer their own take on what you should do to build a nest-egg for the Expansion.This is simply a few suggestions based on how I've been bringing in the Gold in the last few months.

See Point 2 Below :D

I am not a Gold Making Website. If you want them, there are plenty of very good ones out there to choose from, and each have their particular 'best ways' to make piles of shiny coins. In fact, a large number of people play this game just to make shiny coins, which I know can be as satisfying as actually doing the other stuff. Me, I do a bit from both Column A and Column B. As a result, I can tell you ways to make some cash to help you or your character along in the Expansion, but you'll need to bear a few important provisos in mind:

  • Making money takes time. You will probably actually have to do some work.

  • Making money can be easy for some people and harder for others. Find a method that best suits
    you. If one thing doesn't work, try something else.

  • No scheme is 100% foolproof. The adverts are lying.

The one thing I will utterly recommend to you, if you are the type of person who finds it easier to spend than save, is to not keep the money you earn on the character you earn it with, and send it to a bankalt. If it's not there to spend then you won't, and it is quite simple to build up a nest egg like this as a result. Consider your holding toon as a Savings Account that you regularly make deposits too. Even if it's just 100g a week, that is likely to make something saved before the Expansion.

The other tip I have is time related. If you're going to do any of the things I'm about to recommend, do them for an hour. Don't spend all day/night, don't come to think of this as a chore or something you HAVE to do, just spend an hour and then go do something else, anything else. The deal with making money should not be that it becomes more important than the things you really want to do.

Right, so what can I suggest you do for an hour that will have a possible return?

  1. Use your Farm. Golden Lotus especially are a consistent money-maker. If herbs don't sell well on your Server (and you'll be best served doing a daily check to watch prices) then use your professions and plant Motes of Harmony instead. With the speed people are updating gear via the Timeless isle, leg patches and gun scopes continue to be solid crafts.

  2. Use your gathering skills. Check on the AH which materials are selling for the most money and spend an hour gathering them. In many cases this is NOT Pandaria herbs, skins and ores... so choose your market carefully.

  3. Buy three Potions of Luck (or make them) and go to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and grind the Mogu for an hour. Sell what they drop and what comes from the Plundered Treasure Chests you collect (especially profitable if you are a Tailor.) This also has the advantage of a) Golden Lotus BoA rep b) BoA Skyshards and c) Cache keys for further money making opportunities.

  4. Run some Classic/Outland/Northrend/Cataclysm Dungeons and sell everything that drops. Many decent Mogging items can be found in this way, plus many places have a mount drop chance.

  5. Go back to The Isle of Thunder and do Dailies. It's quiet, rewards you with Valor and there are further opportunities for Bonus Loot. Plus if your gear is about about iLevel 525, the Elites are pretty much soloable. This means Vanity Pet chances from certain mobs that can be AH vendored.

  6. Run Classic Raid content. VANITY PETS, plus gold and POSSIBLE MOUNTS.

  7. Go do the Shado Pan or Klaxxi Quest Hub Dailies. At 5.4 gear levels this content's pretty trivial, plus there are chances for Achievements. It's decent gold too.

  8. Spend an hour fishing in Pandaria zones and sell your catches. Also, CHANCE OF CARP VANITY PETS for resale.

...and I could go on, and on, and on... There are a vast number of ways to make yourself cash that don't involve complicated guides, they just require one quality you can't buy from a website: MOTIVATION. If you want the money, you need to do something about it. If all else fails and you've not yet started where this Guide suggested... go sell the stuff in your bags you don't need... ^^ All of it will contribute to your final total.

Most importantly, SEND THE CASH TO YOUR ALT. The best way really to do this would be to send everything to the alt and let them accumulate the wealth regardless, so then you won't have the temptation to spend it, and you may well be surprised at how much you end up with when you're done.

Finally, and even more importantly than everything else. START NOW.

There's only

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Alternative Chat :: Addendum #2

Slightly later than advertised, welcome to the second of my Special Episodes (TM) which consider a bit more depth than I can normally cover in a normal sitting. This time around, you're getting over 18 minutes on Why I Play. Welcome to Alternative Chat Addendum #2

In this special we cover the following:

  • Some obligatory back-story.
  • Where my gaming choices began.
  • Understanding my limits.
  • Why planning really is everything.
  • Why you should faff responsibly.
  • Making decisions on what happens.
  • Thanking you guys for being awesome :D

Any thoughts or comments, or submissions for Question Time which we will not speak of again should no-one take any notice:

alternativegodmother (all one word) AT gmail DOT com


Normal Service will now be resumed, and you can expect a BRAND NEW PODCAST (yes, it'll be a pre-Blizzcon Special) on Sunday.

The Final Countdown (Day 8) :: Roll With It

Thumbs up if we're getting a NEW CLASS!

Day 5 of the Amended Guide, and again we find ourselves in Quandry City, AZ. The question we ask this morning: will we get a new class? Will it be Heroic? Will there be changes to classes? Can we expect to see Gnome Hunters?

Again, NOT A CLUE, but with ALMOST A WEEK TO GO until the doors open in California, the wait is at least becoming tolerable. As a result, I reckon this bit of the Guide probably has a notion of relevance, so we'll reprint pretty much as-was :D


1. Reserve Early and Often

When we knew Pandas were Officially a Thing, the L1 Alt Name Reserving happened very, VERY quickly. If we were (theoretically) to get a Demon Hunter as a new class, you'll want to a) think of a great name fast and b) get that name booked on your server of choice. I'm not suggesting you take your Laptop along to Blizzcon for a reservation, but you might want to start considering your options.

2. Arrange your Gears.

You're going to want Heirlooms to level, YES YOU ARE. That means shoulders, chest, weapons and trinkets if you're not in a high-level Guild, with the addition of cape, head and legs if you are. If you're really lucky and won a fishing contest you'll have a ring as well, but we'll assume for the record it's simply shoulders, chest and weaponry. All XP gains will be very helpful for the first 90 levels, and you would do well to enchant as much as you can, because it will all help you speed up the process (oh and don't forget you can now posses a shield or offhand item should that be required.)

More importantly, if your Heirlooms only give you an XP boost to 80, they can be upgraded on vendors to last ALL THE WAY TO 85, using the original item and more Justice Points. One assumes that this figure will rise to 90... just not yet.

Then you'll want some bags: 11 in all (four for yourself and seven for your bank if you're maxxing out) these can include specialist bags of course if you intend to level gathering professions in tandem. I'd also suggest the following Quality Additional items:

  • Fishing Rod (don't rely on the stick and twine you are given as standard, go get the basic +10 to skill rod sold by all fishing trainers and remember only to fish from pools for MAXIMUM SKILLAGE.)
  • Low level lures (buy from fishing trainer)
  • Gnomish Army Knife (for a selection of Professions)

If you want to be clever, I'd also take this time to consider finding some decent Guides for levelling professions as they stand. For instance, my Good Gnomish Friend El has some absolutely top notch tandom guides at the Extreme Anglin' Website. There are a bunch of Quick Levelling Guides for the Primary Professions on the Internets, I'm sure you guys are smart enough to find them for yourselves...

3. Cover Your Costs.

Then, if this is an issue for you, its time to sort out some gold for basic luxuries. Of course you will make money as you level, but there are additional expenses to consider... most specifically, flying and bank space. Those expenses break down as follows:

  • L20: 4g, 1g for any additional mounts (5g assuming you buy one mount)
  • L40: 50g, 10g for mounts
  • L60: 250g, 50g for mounts (assuming you buy a flyer as well)
  • 250g for Flying in Azeroth (L60)
  • 500g for Flying in Northrend (L68)
  • 2500g for Flying in Pandaria (L90)

Total for Mounts & Flying =  3615g (before discounts for faction)

7 Bank slots cost 112g

Total gold required to cover all of this = 3727g

So, if you want to be properly set for your experience before you fire up your character creation screen, you might want to start considering these three basic areas. Bags are still reasonably cheap on my AH (I should know, I'm selling a fair few of them) and heirlooms can be bought with a n umber of different currencies. 4000 gold may seem a lot but it really isn't an horrendous stretch either, even if you have trouble making cash ... but if you are one of those people with problems getting those coins in your bags, we'll cover some basic options in the next part of the Guide... :D

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Final Countdown (Day 9) :: Space Oddity

I called up Part Four of my old Guide for re-tooling yesterday, and realised that Houston would have a problem with this.

Toys out of the Cart. IT COULD HAPPEN.

This bit of our suggestion box was very simple: go stack 25 Daily Quests in your log, so that when the Expansion launches you have a little bit of 'free' XP to begin your journey. However, I'm beginning to suspect that Blizzard might actually read this blog, and that when the time comes this particular avenue may not be open to us any more. The Daily effectively doesn't exist any more, after all, at least not in the form that it did in Tol Barad, which is where I suggested everyone did this last time. Of course, plenty of Daily quests remain in a selection of quest hubs, and more importantly each one will award you with Valor this time around.

That, in itself, is enough to make me think there's going to be some kind of major change to the mechanics before the Expansion hits.

The XP stack was never really a 'cheat', at least not in my eyes, and it did mean with rested (if you pulled a character out after launch but didn't hand the quests in until you levelled) you could accumulate a decent two or three bar head start. However, when you factor Valor into the equation, I suspect that Blizzard won't want you earning ANY of that until quite late on. Does this therefore mean that ALL dailies or indeed anything that awards a Valor component will be switched off before the Expansion hits? I reckon it's a distinct possibility, because if you can go back and earn the points really easily, that's going to defeat the object of any reset (which has become pretty much de rigeur on an Expansion launch.)

As a result, stacking anything becomes a pretty pointless exercise EXCEPT for the XP, but this is one of those instances where we can't do anything with confidence until we know exactly what we're dealing with. So, go back and re-read the last three days worth of Guides, and keep working on the business of organisation. This is one I'll have to get back to you on, but if I'm already thinking it's going to be a problem...

Take the day off. I'll be back with you tomorrow :D

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Final Countdown (Day 10) :: Make Believe

Part Three of the hastily-retooled Guide is here, and today we're talking about Professions... and this is where I hope I'll have to completely throw this part of things away in ten days and start again. I'd *like* to think we'll get a complete do-over of the whole system, from the ground up, but there is always the very real chance that won't happen and we'll be stuck with the same stuff as before. Even if this isn't the case, this bit of the old Guide still has some relevance.


Because you've been following my advice for the last two days, you're now out completing quests, and finishing your reputation, getting that Bucket List ticked off. You're picking up cloth and dusts and mining/skinning/herbing as you go. Your first thought on returning to your home town of choice is likely to be to sell these things so you can arrange a modest nest egg of cash for the Expansion, because we all know Cash is King. That's true, to a point. If you have a profession, you might want to start considering the reality that, when your favourite mailbox is being surrounded by eagerly-levelling players, you'll have that profession to sort out. This therefore could be the moment to start planning ahead to do that.. :D

A Happy Professions Window is fully complete :D

1. First Things First.

There is one thing you really should do before the Expansion hits with your Professions, and that's Max Them Out. With the exception of fishing (which is far less of a grind than it ever was) and Archaeology (which has a bazillion Achievements attached to it and is pretty much only for the Truly Committed) all of the other things on the above list can be done as you finish your Pandaria quests, because that's the way they're meant to work (especially as many of the high-skill recipes are tied into Spirits of Harmony, which remain steadfastly BoP.) The only possible exception to this are Herbing/Mining where you'll get XP for levelling again, but I'm betting you'll want to spend all your time being as efficient as possible and not dragging around old content (though I bet some of you will ^^) Plus, you will score additional achievements for having all these guys maxxed. Once you have, it's time to start planning the next five points...

Hands up who hasn't done their Transmutes today... :D

2. Be Prepared.

We can try and make some educated guesses, even with the little professions information we have on how new recipes might fit in. There is the possibility (as happened with First Aid from Cataclysm to Pandaria), that you won't need to save any raw materials for an early five-point lead, but with the backwards scaling compatibility that all enchants and augmentations now posses, you could argue that absolutely everything you make will have a potential value to *someone*... and that could be a great way to use up raw materials that will lose their value in the early weeks of the Expansion, when all anyone is interested in is gathering and using new materials.

Cataclysm mats.
How quickly things become worthless ^^

As was the case, these Volatiles tanked in price in the weeks leading up to Expansion release, but it transpires that the leather's now a pretty decent way to make a living. If all else fails, you can stick the stuff on a bankalt and flog it somewhere down the line.

3. If you don't have a Profession...

Yes, I know you're out there. People without professions are something of an alien race to me, but I know you do exist. If you don't have any primary professions and are reading this right now, I would suggest you go level Mining and Herbalism. Seriously, if you want to make the big bucks in the first six weeks of any Expansion, there's where your money lies. Even if you don't even mine or herb again after that, you're pretty much guaranteed enough money to keep you comfortable until the first post expansion patch hits.

If you go this route, I'd strongly suggest you sell everything you gather whilst levelling to the Scribes and the Blacksmiths/JC-ers frantically levelling their professions as I type, buy the largest speciality gathering bag you can, and be prepared to coin it in. Also, if you're not using your farming skills to plant herbs for the Golden Lotus chance, YOU REALLY REALLY SHOULD BE...

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Final Countdown (Day 11) :: Can You Handle It?

It's Day Two of our Amended Preparation Guide, and we're going to consider Bucket Lists, Achievements and Reputation today, because a lot has changed in a year as to how you can achieve these things quickly and simply. In fact, reading back on my old Guide very little of it is actually relevant, so more actual work for me :D


Well done for clearing out your bags, I'm proud of you. As a rule I like to 'draw a line' under each departing Expansion by ensuring I've maxxed out my Reputations with the guys I won't be staring at every day when it arrives. As some of these grinds were pretty much essential because of the gear that was tied to them at launch (especially mounts) this might well be an easier task than it has been in previous years. Achievements this time around however are far more complicated, simply because of the sheer number of 'things to do' that this Expansion has presented us with as players. In fact this is an ideal opportunity to sit down and take a long, hard look at yourself and makes some decisions on what you play, and what gets put away.

It happened to ZG and ZA... and look at them now... ^^

At the close of any expansion, stuff inevitably gets messed with, as has been the way for the last nine years. This time around, we are likely to see changes of the like we've not experienced since we went from Vanilla to TBC. That is likely to include at least some of the following:

  • MAJOR changes to how 'lower' instances work, including level back-scaling (go look at this MMO post for more details, this is now confirmed to exist in the data files.)
  • Linked to the above, expect to see a complete rework of how gear is itemised.
  • Possible changes to character models and armour skins.
  • Certain grinds/achievements may be changed/locked/converted to Feats of Strength.
  • Other areas may get redesigned/re-engineered to accommodate new content.
  • Many items may vanish forever.

Once we have a better idea of what's happening thanks to Blizzcon we can start a more decisive planning regime: this week, my plan is to sit with pencil and paper, look at my Main and decide what is doable and what gets left at the wayside. This may seem quite premature under the circumstances (after all WE DON'T EVEN KNOW THERE'S AN EXPANSION) but what you need to consider is the speed at which patches have been deployed. I don't see us having months and months of being able to sit back and mog every alt while we wait for new content, after all. This going to happen big, and fast, and we need to be thinking ahead.

Tabards to get their own storage area? YES PLEASE.

Reputation has undergone a huge shift this Expansion (something I'd expect to change in the next, as it happens, but that's a discussion for another day) so if you want to make sure you've maxxed reputations this time around, your options are distinctly different from previously. You'll need to go back to old quest hubs for some (5.2 and 5.3 especially) and you will be forced into 10/25/LFR for others. If you want your Faction reps, that's Dailies too, but that might well be useful for alts later on (assuming that we can quest stack as has been the case previously.) Again, this is something to add to your list when you make it, because it may involve co-ordination with methods of gameplay that can be maximised by the times you do them. For instance, historically doing LFR earlier in the week at peak times will give you the largest possible player base from which to pull team-mates and therefore may well be quicker and easier as a result. However, your experience may vary.

There's also a number of quick ways to help increase rep using drops in the world: Zandalari Scouts and Warbringers drop 'tokens' for rep gains and are far less farmed than they were when launched in 5. 2 (but that IS going to change so get yourself orgainised now) and if you farm Mogu in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, they'll drop you Guo Lai Cache Keys (my guide is here) which will allow you access to tokens to raise your Golden Lotus rep. Plus, if you never did all your quests before hitting 90, many of those in areas like the Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes will grant rep, with the added monus of extra gold and items to DE/sell as a bonus. The key here is setting realistic goals with the timescales you have available to you. It may well be easier to go back after the Expansion hits to do some of these, but for many there is no guarantee you'll be able to queue for LFR and get the people you need. The key is knowing your capabilities, and to start planning well in advance.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Final Countdown (Day 12) :: Ready for the Floor

Time for a bit of judicious recycling ^^

Back BEFORE Pandaria was announced, I did a seven day guide on how to prepare for it. Looking back a lot of that guide is still relevant, so much so it still gets hits on the Webby even now. Because I'm out for most of the day watching people be relaxed (and hopefully feeling the same myself but this IS Central London we're talking about) I though it would be a good time to bring back the guide but update it for the current situation we find ourselves in. I'll need a better title (obviously) but for now here's part one of beginning the process of preparing yourself for a new Expansion... because we know it's coming... :D


Having a Plan [TM] for when the Expansion finally hits is not only sensible but pretty much essential if you want to ensure you're fully prepared once Launch Day arrives. By this I don't just mean a character ready to level, I also mean ensuring everything attached to your character is in tip-top shape and maximised to ensure that when your XP Bar opens up again, you can get a jump on everyone else. For that, we're going to do some housekeeping to begin with...

Bankalt says 'Hello!'

1. Start Simple.

Seriously, I don't need all of this. Question is, what stays and what goes?

I have a thing about bags. This may be because I'm female and do enjoy the odd handbag purchase now and again *cough* but I think it's more about latent OCD calling me to task. There is much to be said for organisation in game, especially with the huge amount of raw materials you can currently accumulate when playing. If you look at my bankalt's bank above (which I'm using as an extreme example) there is actually method in my madness: Fish, crafting materials, gems and leather all live in their own specific bags... but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

The first thing I'd like you to do is open the bags of the character we're helping prepare and ask yourself one simple question:

What do I need to keep, and what can I get rid of?

This is where you you're going to need to be brutal: once you start levelling again, space will be at a premium. You'll want to spend as much time as possible 'in the field' and as little time at vendors and so the more empty slots you possess... Next, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I really need to keep it in my bags?
  • Do I really need to keep it in my bank?
  • Could it be sold on the AH to make me some money instead?
  • Could you use it for Mogging? If not, could someone else?
  • Can it be handed in for reputation?
  • If I do absolutely need to keep it, could it go into Void Storage instead?

The first two questions are of course the key: the object of this exercise is to make some space. If at all possible we'd like to make you some money to boot, which is why you should be looking at the subsequent questions with care. The key to this is simple: if the item is of white quality and above, and it's not soulbound, there's a chance that someone might want to buy it.

Take your character, go stand next to the AH, and check to see if anyone else is selling the items you have. If it's armour of a certain type (Lord's Girdle of the Bear) just type 'Lord's' into the search window. I'm not here to make you a fortune via Mog items, I'm here to make you spend an hour seeing if you can make more money with an AH listing than simply going to a vendor... so make time to do this. You may be amazed at what you end up selling.

When you are sure your items aren't needed, and you can't make money with them ANY OTHER WAY, then go find a vendor.

The question concerning reputation is also a valid one, and we'll look at that in more detail tomorrow. Needless to say, if you do have a bunch of reputation items in your bags and you're not maxxed with the faction in question, GO HAND THEM IN.

Once you've done this with your bags, go do the same with your bank.

2. Consider Expansion, Check your Options!

If, even after all of the above, you're going to insist on carrying all three of those fishing rods with you at all times, it might be time to look at getting bigger bags. Notice I don't just suggest you go to the AH and buy yourself some space either. There are a great many options for 'basic' storage that do not involve simply purchasing an increased sized container. Above 16 slots (because I'm assuming you've at least sorted yourself out an improvement on those Small Brown Pouches you got from the starting area) there is, as it happens, a vast wealth of choice

24 Slots:
Tattered Hexcloth Sack (quest reward), Grummlepack (quest reward)

22 Slots:
Dragon Hide Bag, Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack, Papa's Brand New Bag (mob drops)

20 Slots:
Papa's New Bag, Pit Lord's Satchel, Sun Touched Satchel (mob drops)

18 Slots:
Halaani Bag (reputation)

All the bolded bags are FREE: however, they are also unique (so you can only carry one) Most (with the exception of the Hexcloth Sack which is a quest reward from Heroic ZG) are attached to raid bosses that can be easily soloed by most classes, yes even Priests :P. All these bosses also drop gold, mogging items and in many cases have a chance of a mount, plus achievements attached. If you want a method that expands your bag space AND makes you some gold, this might be a route to try.

This time around, there is also a fairly good chance that a lot of the 'vanity' toy and game items, plus tabards will get their own storage spaces. As a result, I'd suggesting the strongest terms possible, that you DON'T CRAFT ANY BAGS AT PRESENT until we know what is happening from Blizzcon.

3. Long-Term Investment is Acceptable.

Look at all that space. Spaaaaaaaaaace!

I am still amazed at the number of people who haven't embraced the concept of Void Storage. I think the problem is twofold: the 1000g you need to hand over to open it (with the 25g deposit fees) and the fact you can't just shove anything in it. Suffice it to say with an Expansion coming you're going to find lots of items (especially those linked to Seasonal Events) that you won't want to get rid of but you could do with moving out of your bank: although Void Storage can't accommodate them all, it can take a fair few. It's also a great place to keep your mogging gear (as in most cases that has neither gemmage or enchanting to worry about losing) so you're closer to the Mog Dude when you need to change a new item to fit your look.

Again, this form of storage (which, let's face it is only a gold sink when all is said and done) may become largely redundant if the new Storage options are indeed a reality. I did a quick sweep of my own bank last night and I'm looking at being able to free up over 50 bankslots if everything I think should be relegated to storage ends up there, but as was clear when Void Storage launched there are only certain things that will fit in it. I'm guessing my Scepter of the Shifting Sands, for instance, will always need a slot. You know what, that's absolutely fine with me :D

So, what are you waiting for. It's Time to Clean! If all else fails it'll give you something to do in the UNDER TWO WEEKS we have before Blizzcon starts! :D