Friday, March 29, 2013

It Just Won't Do

Logging out in Pet Battle Gear = not optimal.

I was lucky enough this week to be given the opportunity to try out Mr Robot's Premium Account, which has has been live for a while now. There will, of course, be those of you who don't think these kind of optimisation sites are any use. In fact, I know a fair few people with a distinct aversion to being told by a website how they should be playing their game. I, however, am of the mind that anything that means I don't have to a) waste time and b) expend brains on getting myself better set for doing my job is a Good Thing (TM) Bearing this in mind I went ahead and made full use of the features the Premium Account affords me, and I'm rather glad I did.

The main change when you pays your money is the Best in Bags feature: you are asked to scan and import the contents of your bags and bank in game, and Mr Robot then tells you what you should be actually using and not keeping in storage. I'm something of a compulsive hoarder of current gear, on the off-chance I am wearing the wrong stuff, and (unsurprisingly) it transpires that there were two items I would be better off wearing, even though one meant a reduction in iLevel. That gave me the Tier bonus from the Yaungol Slayer's set, which is a 15% increase to Kill Command in my spec. Once I'd been regemmed and re-forged I decided to do part one of the Vaults LFR to see how much of a difference the changes made, and to my utter delight I ended up doing a whopping 10% more dps than I had been previously, due in the main to an increase in crit chance on top of my additional pet damage. Logging out in my Pet Battling gear just won't do any more, I'm going to have to keep on top of my gear if these are the kind of changes I'll get.

The other huge benefit is that all my alts, regardless of their specs, can all get an MOT on the site. This means once I finally have a decent selection of gear on the other two hunters they'll get a proper once-over to get them in the best shape they can be for doing Dailies and LFR time. It does make a huge difference being able to pump out as much dps as possible even if I'm not raiding; this means tasks get completed faster, and I can properly optimise the online time I do have.

I'd like to thank Mr Robot again for the chance to try this service, and if you're looking for a way to once over your own spec setup to improve your damage, you could do a great deal worse than give the site a look.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor...

Work in Progress #423

I want to change all of my character mogs. Maybe because it is Spring, or more likely because I can't play with everybody as much as I would like, but I sense a large amount of Transmogrification Faffing over the Easter Holidays.

Part of the reason centres around the new green items dropping on the Isle of Thunder, which are all reboots of the 'classic' ZG items that I used to love back when they were current. I've been slowly stockpiling items on a bankalt over the last couple of weeks, and as the items have been amassing I have realised that I'd like to give everyone a new look. Part of me would like to do this as I level each one to 90, but after I've stopped laughing I realise the best way is probably to create the outfits and then leave them in the appropriate character's banks for use once the poor neglected things finally get some love (or Blizzard stop releasing patches every 15 minutes NO I'M NOT COMPLAINING) This means working on new looks for Hunter #2 and 3 to begin with (as I am quite taken with P's Red Ensemble and am not yet bored of the hat) As you can see, Hunter #3 is coming along nicely. This would be the moment where I lament the lack of single colour mail trousers. These ones I had in my bank pretty much by accident, and am really glad I did. I can see a lot of Mog It in my future.

There is also a desire to pair these completed outfits with suitable land and air mounts, and Battle Pets, and after that I suspect Hunter Pets as well because DAMMIT EVERYTHING CAN MATCH.

I have been asked by a few people why I insist on spending all this time and effort on playing dressup designing my outfits and why I don't just go for a Tier look. There are, I think, a couple of my alts who currently rock a 'consistent' set of gear, mostly because I got to the end of the design process on the others and ran out of ideas. I get the whole tier thing, I really do, but this goes a lot deeper than simply creating a 'look' to separate one toon from the other. I've had unique experiences on every single alt, and as a result I do view them as very distinct entities. Simply dressing them in an 'outfit', however iconic that might look to everyone else simply isn't an option as a result. I feel the need to show each one as the personalities that they are. As a result this re-dressing process is likely to take some time, but I can guarantee the end results will give everyone a new facet to their personalities.

It is at times like this that I wonder what it might have been like to start my career in Warcraft on a RP Server... and what changes that might have bought as a result...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hound Dog

When the image store fails, WHEEL OUT THE PANDA CHAIR.

With the minimum of fuss 5.3 dropped on the PTR at the weekend, and with it an absolute SHEDLOAD of Quality of Life changes (quite apart from the massive PvP shakeup, which better women than I are already covering) have now appeared via the wonders of datamining. The one that makes me sit up and take notice? Stable slots for your average Hunter increase to 55. FIFTY-FIVE SLOTS :O Even I might have some trouble maxxing that lot out, but it won't stop me a) thinking how to do it and b) giving it a DAMN FINE TRY.

The other ones that give me pause to stop, think and then fall over are pretty obvious too:

  • Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition means I'm going to be spending some time in Karazhan, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep. I notice there have already been some tweaks to the instances to accommodate soloing. I suspect some dry runs may be in order! Oh and yes, I know I promised a Pet Battling Guide in February and it's almost April. *sigh* It's coming, honest.
  • If you're bored in LFR, waiting for that third replacement Tank? Time to play Rock, Paper, Scissors! (This makes me think that changes to models is going well, if they can add new animations like this to the existing models)
  • There is an achievement for collecting 200 Mounts. Regardless of the reward, I'm already quietly gearing up to make this happen, and expect a Blog Post on it this week.
  • There's a chance that I'll have 3 rubbish DPS specs to choose from at some point in the future.

There's a lot more besides: check out the Wowhead Datamining Post for more details. There is one more item of interest that I'd like to mention and then say no more about: the Unclaimed Black Market Container. This item should be making an awful lot of people unreasonably excited, and will be the reason why a L1 bankalt is officially summoned to the BMAH. Needless to say, we will not be mentioning this again. Oh no, if anyone asks I never saw this and you never told me about it. Now be off with you before I clip you about the ear...^^

Monday, March 25, 2013

You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)

A new Raptor means back to the Island... :D

Plans often need a lot of tweaking. My Cunning Valor Point-centric plan is one of those that's looking like a Work in Progress.

It became abundantly apparent on Saturday that once P hit 1000 Valor, doing anything with her that rewarded Valor was a waste of my time and effort. I'm already comfortably into Revered with the Kirin Tor chaps on Thunder Island, so it suddenly becomes more sensible to put her away until reset and pull out the Hunter alts (both factions now yay), who not only get the Valor of the Ancients buff, but who will greatly benefit from both questing and reputations. Having also discovered that Pet Battling rewards a pretty decent Lesser Charms return, I think my weekly list will now include some new things to do on Monday and Tuesday nights:

  • Get Hordie E's farm up to 16 plots
  • Use Work Orders to build Alliance K's rep up on factions that have Valor upgrades
  • Send them both to the Island at least two days a week (ooh that's convenient)
  • Pick up all the Dirt Piles I can find for Tillers friend massive bumper reputation turnins
  • Consider a Crafting Profession for both of them to utilise all the Harmonies the pair have picked up

K's managed to exceed 470 iLevel (as of last night) which means there's some new LFR for her to faff in but E's in a less comfortable position and will require a fair bit of work to get her to that point: however there is a fair bit of stuff she can pick up from quests etc that will help that, plus (of course) all of this means an income. I've not checked the bank status this week but I'm thinking I've done pretty well, especially with P's sales of new PvP gear. Another benefit of LFR has been the bags yielding stuff of ACTUAL VALUE: I almost have enough Blood Spirit for a 496 Epic craft. Last night I even managed to find a Sen'jin Fetish which I suspect will make a few pence on the AH.

There is still 'stuff to do' on P: now I have the Green Raptor above it's time to go back to the Isle of Giants to see if I get another egg (as they're unique-soulbound I don't want to be farming while there's one in my bags) There's still the Sumprush Rodent to grab from Shieldwall, Clock'em from the Brawler's Guild... and 25 Rare Battle Pets generally. I'm into the 40's now, picking areas to battle where I know I have uncommon pets that might upgrade, and I've done pretty well on that front (three yesterday) However, with the fact that I pulled in OVER 100 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune from an evening's battling on P Saturday night, it makes far more sense to have the alts do this so they can swap for Runes/Coins and start a stack of these of their own for using in LFR.

Then, when all that's done, there are the pile of Treasure Trove keys for the single person instance that I really should investigate...