Friday, March 08, 2013

Nobody Told Me

That's a AWFUL lot of ?'s...

As a wise bloke once said, 'These are the times that try women's souls...' [*]

The Island is going to be a challenge on anything more than one alt, I have concluded. I got started on the second Hunter last night and stopped (mostly due to the fact I couldn't keep my eyes open) and so I reckon the best plan of action might be to actually have a routine and stick to it. As it stands, that means the following:

Hunter #1

  • Log P, pick up Cookery Token (flippable table incoming!)
  • Learn new LW recipe
  • Go to the Island and do Dailies
  • Check Island for Battle Pets
  • Fish for Nat's 3 ! rep items (1980 per day)
  • Go Grind Dinosaur Bones

Hunter #2

  • Log K, go do Work Orders at Halfhill
  • Go and do Shieldwall Offensive Dailies for cash
  • Go to the Island and do Dailies

Of course, there is a lot more than that: I've not even looked at the Beasts of Fable, there's still Archy to poke, I have Fishing to consider and Mini Carp to search out, plus I've got loads of Alts still sitting and gathering dust.... and then it hits me. I don't have enough time for everything. AGAIN.

I still need to do the BG's to access the previous Legendary questline. I continue to not possess an Epic weapon, and now I don't have a way of easily accessing Elder Charms that means I get only one hit of the Bonus Roll chance each week, until the new Instance opens up. Once it does, I will eventually have NINE LFR's (potentially) to run a week. I really do appreciate the fact that Blizzard are providing us with new stuff to do, and that there should never be a moment when you're lost for content, but the choices for me are beginning to be pretty hard to separate. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb here and say I reckon there is too much to choose from, at least right now. This is becoming a fairly challenging exercise in Time Management.

There's other considerations too: storage is becoming a real issue again (phenomenal amount of soulbound crap, reminds self to go find LW bag recipe) as is keeping track of what I have and haven't done. All of this is on the back of the fact we've not done any progression raiding for the best part of a month and I need to try and work out whether I push to make that happen or not. Frankly, that's been at the back of my mind and worrying me for a bit, and I'm really not sure how I go about solving the problem. Being a GM on top of everything else at present is not making this as fun as I'm sure it could be... and there is the very real understanding that certain key personnel have vanished, quite possibly for good. Part of the problem running a casual guild is that you depend on certain people to turn up, and when they don't you're effectively stuffed.

What I now have to do is come up with some kind of plan that allows me to do everything I want, all at once (cloning!) or, more realistically, I need to stick to some goals. Until the Faire vanishes on Saturday, for instance, I should go and stick some people through the Dailies for Professions points. I should do the Darkmoon Pet Trainer for the chance of the Eye. I WILL be playing some Sim City (just because) and trying to sort out what I want to be doing in-game without the constant spectre of 'I must be doing X,Y and Z' that I know could start occurring again... and the very real understanding that this is one of the most challenging periods I've ever had in Warcraft. I am sure I can come to a resolution that keeps me happy, the problem is simply the journey to get there.

I do enjoy a challenge however. Leave this one with me: I'll sort it!

[*] Well, not *exactly* that, plus it's a quote from an episode of 'Moonlighting', but you get the general idea...

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Living on an Island

Matching Spikes. IT'S A THING.

Day 1 in the 5.2 Patch, and you know what? There's a LOT to do. Normally I'd wait until I'd done with 'stuff' before I post my thoughts, but I think I have enough under the belt here to start making some judgements. Exotic tanking pets that match my outfit aside, it appears that 5.2 is fairly packed full of new things to do, and I'm thinking it should accommodate most people's desires for More Stuff (TM). Let's start at my beginning: I logged out with Lorewalker Cho, because I fancied a bit of Mantid Archaeology to begin my journey: I got my 'go visit the Kirin Tor for Thunder Isle' quest automatically as I logged. I was there coz you're gonna need an item to start your Mantid Journey:

Not sure if this vanishes on log, will check after I've posted this.

With this in your bags all your sites will be Mantid (assumingly until it despawns) and so off I went: I suspect Archy will need a hotfix/tweak at some point. There are quite a few bugged sites (no pun intended) and what seems to be a very high rate of Amber Fragments from digging. Needless to say, this makes things quite entertaining:

It's Spot the Theodolite, the game the whole family can play!

I dug some sites on the way to Thunder Isle, and I found that absolutely no-one was killing Rares, which meant I got Lon the Bull's Big Bag of Herbs plus a couple of other items I've not seen before. This might be a good time on your server to do Glorious if you haven't already :P Once I arrived in Townlong I got myself on a Hyppogryff and sent to Stage One of the onslaught:

I thought they removed /follow, oh no that's just Battlegrounds... ^^

I have to say, I can see a lot of thought has gone into these Dailies. There are LOADS, in three distinct areas, but there appears to be less of an issue with tagging certain mobs and not getting kills this time around. Having said that, there will be people (especially those who had issues with the Golden Lotus) who might end up finding this hard work, and I have to say I'm glad I'm wearing mail and I stand behind a pet. I died a couple of times from sheer number of mobs, and I got a bit lost too. However, it seemed to be far less of a painful experience than I've suffered with any other area of Dailies in this expansion, so I am cautiously optimistic. I got a couple of random achievements too (completely by accident) so all told I'm looking forward to this tomorrow. I also got a lot more stuff in the bags than I've had for a while, including some nice looking mog items.

I also snagged three battle pets, and a Rare Aquatic Stone from a battle where I'd snagged a common quality Toad (of the new design) Needless to say, I rarified him in short order, and I'll be back later on to try and upgrade my uncommon capture.

I wonder if I've named anyone Monty yet... ^^

Once I'd done on the Isle of Thunder, it was off to the Isle of Giants (via a Galleon kill, who seems to be down to an approximately 3 hour timer \o/) for a poke around and DINOSAUR BONES HELL YEAH. Needing 9999 of these suckers for my mount I have rationalised that it's probably better for my sanity that I do a bit a day: I've started with 127: there are smallish Elites with 3.5-4 million HP which I can solo without too much hassle, which yield 7-9 bones each. There are also Troll Dinomancers (1.1 Million HP) who drop Carrots (I dunno), Vanity pets (blue quality, can be caged) and the book that allows you to tame Direhorns like the guy at the top of the post who is now part of my stable. I'm going to have leather coming out of my ears from these guys, and as I've already farmed both Magnificence of Leather transmutes I'll be using that to discover the new PvP recipes. Needless to say, I feel that this is balanced pretty much just right: one a day, encouraging me to log on to learn them.

Finally I went and visited Farmer Yoon and discovered that actually owning the farm when you're maxxed at rep is pretty much a massive waste of time (and means you lose Yoon's dailies to boot) and so I decided to go see Ben, who is the guy in the Valley who can point you to the daily Fishing Pool Invasion. He also owns what might be the most ridiculous quest I've ever seen in Warcraft.

Catch 5 fish. Your reward? 10 fish!

I think you need to retitle this as 'Stating the Obvious, Fishing is Easy and Here's How!' because really, this seems so worryingly basic it's actually quite funny. I caught a Flying Tiget Gorami whist doing this (because I could!) and they now give 660 rep for Mr Pagle, so it's all good. I logged out in the middle of an Octopi Invasion in the Jade Forest, and when I return I'll be hanging about to see if I can get lucky and fish up a mini-pet. Maybe if I stand close enough to proper famous people, some of their luck might rub off on me...

That's a FAMOUS PERSON that is ^^

Monday, March 04, 2013

I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself

You and me are going to see a LOT of each other... ^^

Yes, 5.2 is this week, and no I'm NOT prepared, again.

This time around however I'm far more relaxed about the entire affair than I was last time. I even have some vague ideas of what to do with myself (despite the title) in the last two days leading up to patch change. Needless to say once 5.2 rolls around I'll be spending a fair bit of my life making Mr Pagle happy (coupled with fishing for Battle Pets), but until then...

  • I need 300 Dominance Offensive mark thingies, which means a bit of grinding, so I can go summon a box of Sumprush Rodents. This will leave me with four pets introduced in 5.1 that I don't own (Porkupette, Clock'Em, Singing Cricket and the Darkmoon Eye)
  • If I have time I might do the next rank of Brawler's Guild, but it's not as much of a priority as the Faire Pet Trainer this week. There's going to be an added incentive from 5.2 with the possibility of Darkmoon Hats turning up in Daily Reward Bags, so I'll actually bother to do those on a few people come Wednesday.
  • P will try and do some more LFR for points and then supplement it with some Scenarios/Heroics so I have something to spend.
  • Again I can stick 5 points on Blacksmithing/Engineering, which should mean at least one of those two will be maxxed at the end of the week.
  • I should gather some Archaeology fragments so I have crated stuff ready to swap for Mantid stuffs.
  • Probably worth stockpiling some leather as well in anticipation of the new' transmute'...

I'm still having early nights and trying to get myself back to full fitness after the Illness From Hell (TM) (tried to do yoga today, collapsed in a heap, lungs still need work) but am hoping that this week will see me back to Almost Normal Service. I'd like to thank everyone as a result for good wishes and hugs (which have helped greatly) and am hoping that I'll finally get around to doing some of the stuff I promised to do in February...