Friday, February 22, 2013

Sharp Dressed Man (Dwarf!)

Twice round in the air, fingers over there...

Okay, so I've been in bed for most of the day. There, I said it, but I think there *might* just be the possibility I am improving health wise. I've not done a Hunter specific post for a while, and I am conscious that time is running out on 5.1, and having read something in bed I've dragged my sorry carcass out to a proper computer to write a blog post about it, because if I don't do it soon, you guys miss your chance.

Hunters, if you're at 90, and you don't expect to be running Heroic modes in 5.2, you REALLY need to make sure you've updated your Relic of Xuen.

The reason why is this article by Brian Wood : trinkets generally are an utter PIG to find, and as this article suggests, new things are not necessarily the best. Hell, any player worth their salt will tell you that the shiny is often not the best when you factor in the rest of your gear. The key to making sure the Relic remains relevant however is the upgrade path, which WILL VANISH IN 5.2, which means I will be dropping all my available VP on the secondary hunter to ensure hers remains relevant. P's already there, and knowing how problematic RNG rolls can be for such items, anything I can secure ahead of time and that can be purchased on the AH is not to be sniffed at.

There is a chance that we might get a Darkmoon Faire clashing with a patch this time around, so if you are a 90 hunter looking for a trinket, and the single cards are currently cheap on your Server, you might do a lot worse than get yourself ready to snag one of these before 5.2 rolls around. Needless to say I'm assuming the arse end might drop out of the entire card market at that point anyway, but I'll leave that to people are are not as unwell and have more brains than me to make the judgement call on that...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

All Around the World

Only available in the US..

Blizzcon this year will be in November, which is great news for fans of Warcraft across the world. However, getting there if you don't live in the US is likely to be expensive, especially in the current Economic climate, which is why there'll undoubtedly be access to live streams (with the inevitable Battle Pet carrot attached) in an attempt to assuage the fact that this event seems to have become a rather US-centric affair. Before people start poking me, I am not a fool. I am well aware why this is the case. It does not take a genius to work out that to run an event of this size is not cheap, and it is logistically a nightmare. Therefore, doing it in your back garden is always going to be easier than upping sticks and going somewhere else, especially when you have a guaranteed audience who are already scrabbling for hotel rooms without even knowing how much tickets will cost. The key with these things is consistency, after all.

For the record, the streams don't ever count as consolation. I've done a lot of cons in my time and absolutely nothing substitutes for the Real Thing. That's a simple truth, based on the fact that one person alone in front of a screen does not equate to 2000 screaming people in a hall. I'll also admit that every time I've bought a stream in the past it's just been for the pet and had nothing to do with the actual content. That's a bonus, it's meeting people that's the real reason you go to a Blizzcon. I am aware of people who've done the trip UK to US but as a mother of two for whom that weekend co-incides with term time... this is where my demographic becomes a distinct disadvantage. Not that I could even afford the air fare for four of us, let alone the hotel and ticket price. Even if I could, there's a responsibility to keep my children educated ahead of my desire to dress as a Dwarf, even though that particular idea is a very compelling one.

It also brings home to me the realisation that there is part of this gaming 'experience' that I may never get a chance to take part in, and that actually makes me sad. Even if Blizzard did decide to move the whole shebang to (let's say) Paris, it might yet be impossible to fit everything around the family commitments: however, I know that if there were even the smallest chance to do so I'd jump on it, as I'm sure thousands and thousands of other European Warcraft fans would. Blizzard will know this too, and maybe we can hope for another Warcraft-centric event on European soil this year that might give those of us who don't live in the US a chance to descend on. I know that Blizzard has a modest presence at a number of European gaming 'events' throughout the year but it does often feel as they are just to maintain appearances.

Needless to say, by the time I get to November I will undoubtedly be happy to watch as the various streams of static and moving  information come flowing out of the convention centre, perhaps with details on the new Blizzard MMO or on what might be in store for Warcraft after Pandaria. However, sitting here surrounded by tissues and cough remedies, watching my Twitter feed rave about and event that won't happen for eight months, you may have to forgive me for feeling as blue as the image I've used to head this post... :(

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tomorrow's Just Another Day

Watch the first minute for added relevance...

Arena and Rated Battleground Season 12 is scheduled to end on Tuesday, March 5. From this piece of information we can surmise one of two things:

5.2 is due March 5th (US) OR
5.2 is due March 12th (US)

Considering the previous post on having enough time before the patch to earn 3000 Valor points was last week, I think it's fair to assume we now have a fortnight before everything changes. Therefore we'll see 5.2 on March 5th.

You may now return to panicky behaviour as you realise that you still won't get everything done you want in time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well then...

Awake and reasonably aware before lunchtime today, I was pouring through MMO's tweet highlights from the Ginmeister (as he will now be referred to) when I picked up this little nugget. I could make 10,000 spoons with my Blacksmithing if it were max level, but I'd really need a Vibroknife from Engineering... ^^ Yes, the two professions I've been unable to finish thus far appear to be the two that will be getting the assistance in the short term: Blacksmithing is upcoming in 5.2, and one assumes we'll either see Engineering in 5.3 or 5.4. Asked what profession GC believes needs the most work to be better, I find myself sadly agreeing with Mr Street:

There's hard, and then there's boring...

Levelling is one thing, but actual use is another thing entirely. There isn't one fun thing AT ALL you can create from Leatherworking: the bag selection is woeful, items like the Riding Crop are completely outdated. So then, let's put our thinking caps on and work out what we could stick into the profession not simply to make like more interesting, but to perhaps give crafters something of use along the line...

Yeah, now I begin to see the problem.

Right, let's try and be creative:

  • Camouflage Gear. We have all these stray bits of fur and feathers, who about we could make a Camo Cape that would work in the same way as a Potion?
  • Disguises. Same as the Camouflage, but would allow you to take the form of an animal to 'hide' in various zones. Could be a PvP boon too, maybe you could become an Alterac Valley Ram or Wolf.
  • A Glider from Bird feathers, because the Goblin Glider idea really needs a wider use than just stuck on Engineers belts.
  • Saddle Bags. This one could be a biggie, if the coding would allow it. Allow you to transform a mount into another place for stuff, like Void Storage. Hell, why not make the special mount a Mule ^^ The Mule would be a base level of additional storage, that would always stand outside a number of places (away from banks maybe to minimise load) Then you could buy (let's say) up to four saddle bags from leatherworkers to extend that storage out. Could deter people from making bankalts, would be fabulous if mules were in places that banks weren't.

I am sure you good people also have ideas, and I direct you to the comments area as a result. Needless to say I am still thinking about this, and also wondering how Engineering's going to get the streamline treatment in the future...

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's all in the Game

Thanks to my Guildie for tipping me off to this video. I laughed.

I am still unwell, and as it is half term this week this means I've spent the best part of today sprawled out on the sofa not wanting to think about gaming. As a result I present you with Dara O Briain's take on said subject, which made me laugh a great deal, and touches on a lot of situations that have a personal resonance. Part of my perennial issue with playing anything on a console has a lot to do with looking stupid, not being able to press the right buttons, and just being frustrated at not being able to unlock content that I want. I'm glad to see, in this respect at least, I'm not alone.

It also makes me realise just how spoilt I am with a game like Warcraft, which gates refreshingly few areas of content any more, which understands the need to appeal to multiple levels of ability simultaneously, and will at no point require me to use a controller to go anywhere. I play a few other games, all of them on the PC, and I've never really been able to grasp the intricacies of console play, and have nothing but respect for those people who can. For the record, I'm the woman at parties who you don't want on your Mario Karts team.

And with that I'm off to have a deliberately early night, in the vain hope that I can finally clear this cough once and for all, and get back to doing what I want. Stay happy, gentle readers, and hopefully we can be back in the land of Normal Service very, very soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Masterplan

It's a ROCK, man!

I gotta love my kids, they do so like to share their germs with me. This time, my son has made me into a hacking cough monster. This has meant that two days where I'd normally be pushing my nose into the Warcraft Grindstone has been spent being, let's face it, utter rubbish.

However, a couple of notable milestones have been reached.

Most significantly, P has completed A Test of Valor. This means I am going to have to make a PvP post at some point in the next week, and I'm also going to be forced to look like a complete wombat in the two new Battlegrounds. Well, no change there, then. However, this does improve the chances of me having Part 2 of the Legendary off the To Do list by 5.2, which is no bad thing. P's list is looking remarkably small (current content is actually almost done) and that means that I can start faffing a bit more with The Mogging Hunter, who today managed to get to iLevel 465 via the Vaults and has a pretty decent chance of seeing all the current LFR before it becomes a ghetto. I picked up a trinket, the 476 boots from the Sha, and even (GASP) an actual UPGRADE from the Will of the Emperor today. Thank Elune it wasn't the bow, coz if it had been you'd still be able to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I've spent the last week looking at the AH Monkeys too, and it transpires that yes, you can make a living selling stuff still (especially battle pets, colour me surprised) and so I have several pages of notes that need to be distilled into actual useful directions. This then leaves me with the real possibility that if I can get to Exalted with my tailor and the Tillers, I could use Work Orders and one dungeon a day to push the August Celestials to exalted without touching a single poxy daily, and that frankly has to be worth it for the Royal Satchel recipe. As a result, the Mage starts her journey to 90 tomorrow. There'll also be the ball-breaking grind for enough Spirits of Harmony to max the Engineer and the Blacksmith FINALLY to 600, just in time for the latter to thumb her nose at everyone having to pay four times as much for their raw materials. At least I know this part of the grind will be rubbish for everybody...

Finally, there are the floating rocks (see above). I am quite close to my Battle Pets Guide actually being ready, but as this week is Half Term it might take a wee while to get those posts to the table, so you'll need to bear with me on that one. I've been forced to commandeer my son's account so I can screencap the process from the word go, so I'll warn you now that you'll be making the journey with Yet Another Hunter (TM)...