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Weapon of Choice

In which a Ridiculous Theory (TM) is born.

After yesterday's post on Karazhan, lots of stuff kinda just, well... happened. At the top of this list will be a special Alternative Chat Time Travel Podcast Special this week which will see me admitting that I'm now fully behind the entire 'back to the past' element of the upcoming Expansion, and to that end have developed the most ridiculous theory regarding how all of this could work, based on an axe and a fez. Yeah, I know, you've got seven months of this to deal with, so I'd either make a run for it now or stick around whilst I try and explain this and stay fashionable. Before we begin, I need to wheel in Wikipedia for a quick definition [*]:

In fiction, a MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation as to why it is considered so important. The specific nature of a MacGuffin is typically unimportant to the overall plot. The most common type of MacGuffin is an object, place or person.

All of this began with the understanding that good fiction requires at least some measure of motivation: bad guy makes good, good guy saves day, bad guy finds way to change history but remains bad. If we assume Garrosh's motivation is to go and prevent the mistakes that his ancestors made, but that he's basically not learnt anything and is just hell-bent on make our lives a misery for an entire second expansion with the help of the rest of the nasty people of Draenor, just turning up in time might not be enough to identify him as who he says he is. He's going to need some kind of symbol to identify himself to the new world he ends up in, that instantly marks him as being a Hellscream. Nothing says that more than Gorehowl, which is a wee bit of a problem as he left the ORIGINAL Axe (some might say deliberately) behind in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. In fact, it remains so flipping obvious you use it to stand on to know the fight's orientation, quite apart from Jaina referencing it by name when you've finally killed the Sha of Pride.

Oy nublet, you left your fez behind ^^

I originally thought the Axe was a MacGuffin, with no real significance, not unlike the good Doctor's Fez... until you realise that actually, that does have a significance, in both contexts. The Fez not simply defines the flow of time in the episodes used, it becomes a recognisable part of the Doctor who wore it: apologies to anyone who's not a massive Dr Who fan and doesn't get the significance, so let's briefly explain it in context. The Fez, on may occasions has been used as a way of recognising which part of a particular timeline the Doctor is currently existing within: imagine it as a marker, helping us work out which bit of the often repeated storyline we find ourselves following. That led me to think about how Gorehowl has been present at many significant moments: most notably, at the destruction of Mannoroth, whose blood was responsible for corrupting the Orcs and starting a series of events on Draenor that we won't see when we get there, as we arrive in Warlords before it all happens. However, if you wanted to recognise Garrosh as a Hellscream, you'd pretty much turn to that axe as your badge of honour, your very own Fez so that the people of the past know you're you, even if the people of the present are well aware of your credentials.

That becomes a problem when (presumably) someone picks it up after you drop it whilst possessed   during your meeting with the Sha of Pride and puts it somewhere REALLY SAFE where you can't just go and pick it up... right? I've not defeated Garrosh yet, someone please tell me they pick the weapon up and it's not left lying there...?

See Friday's Post :D

And this, in my theory of All Things Lead to The Same End, is where Karazhan comes in, because no-one's gonna leave the Caverns of Time unguarded in the same way no-one picked that weapon up RIGHT? We can, I believe, be reasonably aware that Prince Malchezaar has met Garrosh at some point, when presumably he also mislaid Gorehowl in that process because THE AXE IS IN HIS LOOT TABLE DAMMIT.

Cyn, you are DA BOMB.

As we detailed yesterday, there are far less meta reasons why Karazhan could come front and centre for Garrosh's aspirations of Time Travel Supremacy and the ability to wear All Of The Fezzes  (apparently the plural works with one or two z's WHO KNEW) but in all seriousness, this entire Time Travel thing has stopped being a convenience and has evolved into something quite magnificent, because as those of us who love to jam Tin Foil Hats on our heads will tell you, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN TIIIIIIIIME. I mean, if you aspire to the notion that the Infinite Dragonflight is actually the corrupted Bronze Dragonflight, I could be barking up entirely the wrong tree here and Garrosh could well be about gatecrash their Tanaris HQ to begin the process of corruption by leaving his corrupted weapon lodged in the cranium of some hapless Bronze underling...

The great thing about loving something is the ability to be able to mess around with it in your head, but be safe in the knowledge you can't ruin it forever, just play with the possibilities. I'm rather pleased this particular storyline's not my responsibility at this point, I have to say, but I can happily say I'm completely on board with whatever Blizzard now decide to throw at us... and I will be on the particular lookout for red felt headgear. I'm not sure what Garrosh would look like with a Fez, but as long as he has Gorehowl with him I sense we'll be on the right track. That then leads us to the question of which particular version in the timeline's he's going to go after as his lucky weapon of choice...

[EDIT. I should be careful what I ask for ^^]

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[*] I've given my donation this year, I feel I can quote with impunity.

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