Sunday, December 15, 2013

We Live So Fast

Oh dear :(

Some days, I am really glad people pay more attention than me.

Thanks to @yoco68 I was informed this morning that our 'fantastic idea at the time' Horde Guild made for Hunter Week really has a rather rubbish GM. It's not that I'd forgotten about my L10 Hunter it's just... well, I'd forgotten about my L10 Hunter. THERE I SAID IT. Fortunately other people are better organised than I am at this juncture and as a result, as of about fifteen minutes ago, Yoco is now in charge. There should be at least some movement on that front in the New Year but for now, I'm sorry to say, I'd not expect any Hot Horde Hunter Action for the foreseeable future. I am still an Officer, but for the good of everyone involved I am no longer in charge.

With Christmas coming, things are already looking busy, and I have the unenviable task of trying to salvage a Mac from near death next week in a desperate attempt to get access back to 6 years worth of e-mail and writing (yes I do have backups but that's not the point.) What I'm trying to say and not very well is that this week I reckon if P gets more than a couple of hours of playtime I'll consider it a triumph. Doing anyone or anything else this week is highly unlikely. I also have a couple of side projects on the go (if I wasn't busy enough) but really, you're not here to read about me moaning I don't have enough time, you want Stuff that is Interesting (TM) and you'll get that later, and this week with the Alternative Chat Podcast Christmas Special (BE AFRAID). Once we get to the 20th it's kids school holidays so things will go a bit mad... but we'll work something out. We always do.

For now, I feel I ought to apologise to those of you who were expecting a GM performance from me on the Horde side and have had their dreams cruelly shattered. I'm sorry :(

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Jemma Powell said...

If it makes you feel better, I forgot about my lowbie hunter, then moved her to my main guild to level her, then deleted her and made an alliance one (or three)...