Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TWIWBM :: Iron Man


Well, look at that. I actually made some progress.

Mount #199. You're Welcome.

Watching this thing fly is actually quite disconcerting, and after a while I began to get queasy: this is what happens when you start making your mounts a bit more adventurous. Obviously it's taken considerably more than the prerequisite 31 days, but now I've made one I suspect I'll be churning out a couple of spares and sticking them in Bankalt Storage for sale in Warlords... because if I'm playing every day, I may as well make the most of the opportunity I'm given. It also encourages me to keep churning out the materials and doing the gathering and if this acts as motivation, then so much the better. I have to say, there was a feeling of immense satisfaction once the final Jard's got transmuted. However having had the discussion earlier in the week, I'm not sure this does actually count as 'fun' in relation to crafting, Blizzard guys. Satisfaction from persistence is NOT perhaps the aim you should be looking for.

This makes me think I should investigate making a Chopper or two whilst I have a L85 Engineer hanging around in Dalaran.

I also now own enough Jard's on the second 90 Engineer to make either a Pierre or Rascal-Bot but lack the Living Steel to complete them, so the main thrust of proceedings in the next week will be the mass production of Living Steel to facilitate this, so that once those two are done I can use both engis as Sky Golem makers. I have three Living Steel Transmuters (one of whom is an Alchemy Specialist) and so that's at least three Living Steel a day if I can keep up with the materials, and I'll be giving that a good go this week. Actually, I ought to get the 85 Engi out of Dalaran briefly and go grind mobs in Pandaria to get the Journal to drop and then I can make it three lots of transmutes on that side as well... /brane explodes.

And this, Mr Street, is just one of the reasons why some players possess so many Alts :P

Of course, this means more Ghost Iron Ore than most people's minds can comfortably conceive, but fortunately this can also be combined with grinding Pandarian Rares who drop bags that can also be full of ore goodies. Then there's the Mogu Grinding which also gives caches that can be full of ore. Plus actually farming it isn't too hopeless either, especially when combined with stuff on the Timeless Isle... and we've not even touched on what the new patch presents us with yet...

I have Heirlooms on at least one other server that I have transferred over the years I'll be happy to get back and update, and then I can use my Justice Points scattered across multiple alts to pick up some items I'm missing. I'm also quite keen to see what this new Shop Thingy looks like, as this seems to me an indication that Blizz are taking the 'purchasing shizzle' thing seriously enough to stick an in-game client in place regardless of the flack it might take. I suspect I'll use it as well. There, I said it. Certainly there's at least one in-game pet they'll be offering that I don't own...

After that, I suspect we'll be attempting to max out more than the three alts I managed to last week with Valor. It's also probably high time I got the Lock out and started attacking the Jewelcrafting Mount issue with gusto...


dobablo said...

The daily cooldown factor isn't there for fun (although it is more fun taking a little time as opposed to just dumping all the materials into it on day one and not having to think about it).

Daily profession cooldowns are an attempt to keep things rare and stop the economy spiking then collapsing.

Beshara said...

Don't know if you tried it, but using the farm for the ore plants gets you more trillium than ghost iron. Might be something to help boost your trillium production when not out farming. I don't have an alchemist yet, so this has been my way to get trillium when I don't have a lot of time for mining.

Jonathan said...

That's my method for Living Steel too; I have two farms at maximum that between them produce a little more than one transmute's worth of Trillium a day. Plus more than enough Ghost Iron Ore for a Jard's Peculiar Thingy.