Wednesday, December 04, 2013

TWIWBM :: In a Broken Dream

Well, that's torn it.

It's always the way. You start planning something new and different, and the Universe decides to remind you that age affects everything, especially when that something's been on the fritz for a while. Having seen a number of 90's dragging around (assumingly) their own low level alts in the Vale I'd decided to try and do the same this week, but my Macintosh decided that this was the time to develop a terminal hard drive problem. Trying to resurrect an old Laptop to act as a backup won't work with the latest operating system (you lost interest yet?) so today I have to play Hunt the Old OS Disks in a house that has swallowed all manner of far less significant items in the last two weeks. I think we'll put this on the Things to Do pile and hope I don't need important stuff like new music any time soon ^^

This week, therefore, will be crossing fingers and hoping nothing else goes BANG, and after that, I suspect, a continuation of the last couple of weeks of planning: lots of Valor, lots of upgrades, LFR gubbins, and the vain hope that some of this will actually make some money. Also, this week I WILL MAKE ENOUGH JARDS FOR A SKY GOLEM HO YUS. That will push us to 199 Mounts and will force me into even more farming in the Vale, which is becoming my second home when I'm not in Instances. Not that I actually mind, but I do need to organise myself with more bagspace and Potions of Luck, at least one of which I did organise yesterday. Then there's the matter of shifting a load of raw materials from my Horde hunter through the Neutral AH, and after THAT there is the very real possibility of me actually giving the Hordie a bit more love, if only for the fact that LFR queue times seem to be shorter when I get the chance.

Mogu with a chance of skinning.

Then there is the Archaeology (one new item last week) and the Zandalari Mounts (a couple killed, no luck) plus the Normal Rares to take a swipe at for bags. I'm still doing the Island Cows for that mount too, so it's not as if I'm at a loss at any point at all for possibilities. Eventually, something will get done, and I can start ticking stuff off the list, but it occurs to me that this used to be what I though passed as interesting news 'back in the day' when, in reality, it is an extremely subjective and therefore not exactly riveting part of the daily output. Fortunately for you therefore that I can only pull the entire sorry affair this week out to three paragraphs. YES THE DEAD COMPUTER IS GETTING TO ME.

If you'll excuse me therefore, I'll be off to stare at the Internets and work out what my next move is. I suspect it may involve jumping on things or high windows to throw things from...

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dobablo said...

Why do you need a seperate machine? Why not run two instances of WoW on our main PC. That is how multi-boxing usually works.