Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TWIWBM :: I'm Going Slightly Mad

Like I need any more of the stuff ^^

Festival Farming I AM IN YOU.

Yes, Winter Veil is here, and it transpires from my Twitter feed that the Greeeeeench this year drops not only Lumpy, but Santa's Rotten Helper. People are already telling me just how good this pet is, so of course I has to have heeem, and that means dragging anyone over 80 with a pulse to Ironforge for a daily camp and stamp at the daily (26 Valor Points HOOOOOOOOOO.) This is actually quite useful for those who can earn XP because it's more than they were making not being active, so really this ends up as a win/win situation assuming I don't lose the will to live and I can combine it with useful things like transmutes. DE-ing my Mage shoulders however due to a misclick is NOT something I wish to repeat any time soon, so hopefully Blizzard's Item Restore thingy will save too many blushes. Some days, I am afraid of my own Stupid.

The spawn point's pretty feisty for a Tuesday evening in December...

I've seen a massive amount of crap from bags since I began: the Horde got the updated Christmas Tree dagger (which by the looks of it will be an upgrade for the Rogue as it's 480) but pets have been largely non-existent. Part of me can feel a Headless Horseman's Mount Grind (TM) coming along but we'll see what happens tomorrow, half the battle today was moving everyone into place. Now that's done, I can leave people on flights and do other stuff to save time, though the trip from Orgrimmar to Alterac's a right old faff. No matter, if it gets me pets, then that's what I need.

Next time will be interesting...

Talking of pets, I spent Monday afternoon rofflestomping my way from Rank 3 to Rank 5 in the Brawler's Guild, rewarding myself with a Clock'em in the process. Things get increasingly harder from this point on it appears, but I was pretty much able to just blow every Hunter cooldown I had with a Tank pet and emerge unscathed. I'm not sure how long this technique will hold out in response to actual tactical requirement, but I will poke things again soon because MOUNT AT THE END. On that front, killing Ordos' Followers has gotten me to less than 4000 rep away from finally finding something to spend those 200,000 plus coins on. At this rate, that's actually looking like it'll end up as Mount #200: although not the Cloud Serpent I was looking for, it will do.

So there's a good chance if I get an uninterrupted biff at stuff next week I can tick Mount Parade off the yet to be actually formalised Bucket List. Then I can spend the rest of this week actually constructing a proper Bucket List and THEN start ticking things off. After all, as we have established, nothing like having a plan, and currently that exactly where I am. I only managed P with the Valor Cap last week, what I'm likely to do is max someone else this week first and then go back to her. For that, the Mage is really going to need an actual pair of shoulders...


Some days, I really am dangerous :(

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