Monday, December 30, 2013

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And now... here's the weather...

I'm keeping everything crossed this is the last full week before a Beta client appears.

Of course, I have no idea how all of this will work: I have no hotline to Blizzard Devs, I'm not in on the Mailing List... I can simply hit and hope. Needless to say, I said last week I felt I'd exhausted the possibilities for a weekly feature, and if I'm honest, I have. However, there is one more point that I haven't made and I really should, and it is all tied up in yesterday's post where we realise that the past still has a relevance to the present. It is understanding how everything gets tied up with everything else, and that some things will only ever have a finite existence in the gaming 'timeline': like the Tillers, whose day in the sun is soon to pass... or perhaps not.

This is about the Gold Makers.

That's a Question :D

I've been happily bemoaning the loss of the Tillers Farms, that no-one will play that 'mini-game' once Warlords rolls around... but that's not how it will work, not at all. There's still money to be made with farms, if people have the time and the alts to exploit it, and many gold-makers do just that. After all, unless you're multi-boxing 60 accounts, there's only one character to level to 100 at a time, so what are the rest of your family going to do whilst that happens? Well, if they're smart they'll be exploiting their farm setup whilst the 100's get ground out, and left at the Tiller's Farm to gain rested whilst that happens, and at the same time making... well, I have my theories as to how your farm can be profitable well into Warlords and beyond, and that's with content that Blizzard won't go back and remake. What gold-making possibilities might there be for our Garrison...?

You know, I'd not be surprised if there's none at all. I really hope that's the case to boot.

The thing about the Garrison, you see, is that it allows you to play offline, and that could potentially mean significant paydays for people without the need to lift a finger... and as a result, I feel that Blizzard will be doing their best to minimise the gold-making potential. I sense that the powers that be don't have a problem with those who want to play the gold game as a priority, as long as Blizzard can make their money from them effectively. Allowing people therefore to make lots of cash offline isn't going to be the best idea in the world as a result. You want your players active and having to work for the rewards, not sitting back and watching it pour in without the need to be online... although you could argue that happens anyway with Auction House sales. However, I hope the point is sufficiently well-made. This shouldn't be about the money.

We've already discussed the longevity of Garrisons, and I'd like to think that if they are as successful as Battle Pets have been that will mean we'll see them for longer than a year and a half. If that is the case, then there will already be moneymakers looking at the possibilities with critical eyes. Personally, I'd like this to be one place where you CAN'T make a fortune, and that it will be simply an exercise in management, that the only benefit will be to characters and not your bank balance. That might upset some gold makers but I already think they have the lion's share of the options available simply by logging on. I'd like to see something that's a genuine challenge, that doesn't mean you profit in anything other than satisfaction... oh and possibly the occasional BOA undisenchantable Epic for your Account.

Everybody cross everything that by this time next week we have some progress on the Beta :D

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