Monday, December 23, 2013

To Build a Home :: Blackout

Getting close to Critical Mass here... ^^

What this feature needs right now, lets face it, is a Beta Client ^^

The mutterings I'm both seeing and hearing from those people that know 'stuff' lead me to think that come the New Year, we may not have much time to wait before 'things' start moving, but until then I'll freely admit we've pretty much exhausted what was available to us as information over the Garrisons feature thus far. However, I still find myself more excited about this feature than I was about either the Tiller's Far or Pet Battling, which is kind of odd considering we know so little about it. However, what we possess in spades is that Blizzard knows how to construct fantastic games based on their own franchise titles. All you need to do is look at Hearthstone and Heoes of the Storm to understand that is is a group of people who really do care about the place they work for, and it shows.

As a result, the *potential* for this feature is absolutely massive. There's the chance we might see famous NPC's from the past appear as Followers on our farm (quite apart from the fact I reckon Dog will already be having a kennel built outside our Town Hall a la Theramore) and that possible Missions may well utilise classic locations we've visited before. What you also need to bear in mind with absolutely everything that happens in 2014 that this is 10 Years On from where the journey began and there's nothing Blizzard like more than celebrating an anniversary. I'm not sure I'd do it with a Giant Sword, but that's just me: what you can guarantee is that won't go past quietly or indeed uncelebrated. I'd expect many game aspects to reflect that milestone, this one included.

There is also, as we have discussed at length last week, the potential of expansion of this feature... and I'm not simply talking about on a per-Expansion basis. This could be the PERFECT opportunity Blizzard have been looking for to port a Warcraft 'mini-game' outside the sphere of the client and onto a mobile device. Considering the potential hearthstone has on Tablet devices I really cannot believe the Warcraft designers haven't got at least one eye on sticking SOMETHING on iOS and Android. If there a way to take the 'sub-client' that forms the Garrison out of the game, and to stick it somewhere else... well that would be a coup of massive proportions. It would also pave the way for future Blizzard titles to utilise cross-platform integration: if you couldn't get to a PC or Mac to update soemthing, the Tablet would act as a mobile 'interface' while you were on the move. Don't tell me games designers aren't thinking like this because if a 47 year old mother of two can imagine it...

Anyway, I'd like to apologise for this week's feature being of slightly lower quality than previous weeks; you can blame the week before Christmas, or the fact I have nothing left to give you, or indeed some random third thing of your own choosing. Not sure what we'll do next week, but I do at least have seven days to think about it. On that note, I'll be retiring to Alternative Towers to do just that...

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