Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Red Shoes

Original screenie, circa sometime pre-Cataclysm.

This mount has been the subject of some discussion over the last few days. I'm with Mark on this one, these babies really need to have their AQ-only restrictions removed so that everyone can zoom around on them and people like me won't feel the need to waste our life trying to get the Blue One from Archaeology. This shared irkness of Vanilla riding restrictions started me off on a bit of a tangent: which bits of the gaming experience would I like to see changed for Warlords? Not biggies on this list, I should add, I'm not considering massive upheaval here after all. These would form part of my Quality of Life wishlist: the little things that continue to irk me that really can't be THAT difficult to change, right?

So, if we take AQ Mounts as Standard as #1, what else should be on the table?

#2: Sort Fishing Out.

No, we just don't mean the Rep ^^

There is a ridiculous amount of paraphernalia now associated with fishing. Hats, a selection of rods... and all of these take up bag space. Each of these has a different + to skill too, and frankly it's a bit dumb. I suspect this range of items won't get dealt with in the bank storage reorganisation, and I think we need a way of standardising everything in one place, so it could well be time for a Fishing 'interface' that allows you to, amongst other things, not to need to have your +skill rods in your bags when you work. In fact, if this interface listed all the +skill items you had, it would replace the simple twig and twine that appears when you fish without an equipped rod with one of the many you own in your Custom Fishing interface. That means you could own all of the rods in all of the sizes, the game would randomise the ones you used and the hats you wore, and you just got on with it.

This would also reduce instances of people doing entire LFR's with Fishing Hats on. YES IT HAPPENS.

#3: One Central Bank/Stash Per Account.

One Stash to rule them all :D

I waste inordinate amounts of time in-game swapping stuff from character to character. I am sure all this mailing slows the game down to boot, although obviously I can't prove this there is always the chance I'll send something to the wrong person and never see it again. When you've spent 20k on a recipe and you end up sending it to someone who (you think has deliberately) has made a character to almost match your name but they're one letter different... oh, not that's just perfectly normal paranoia talking. Anyway, if I had a central bank 'stash' for my account, none of this would happen. It would have solved the cross-server heirlooms issue at a stroke... infact, if they can do that now, maybe there's hope a per-account stash might not be too far off. The number of ways this would make my life easier... seriously, there's just so many, they're not funny. SORT IT OUT BLIZZARD.

#4: A Better Mogging Solution.

Yet to find a doable purple mog I like in Mail.

I love Mogging, I really do, but the biggest issue now is time, yet again. Having to farm things is great and everything, but having to do it on one character at a time when I already own things is, frankly, a bit depressing. Let's take these black trousers on P, for instance, which no longer exist in game to begin with any more, and I'd like to use them on my other Hunters. I believe the D3 Expansion will have a system which will allow you to mog any item assuming you've found it in the World (I don't mind picking everything up) and really, this ought to happen in Warcraft too: so when one person on an account discovers something, EVERYONE ELSE GETS ACCESS. Think of the bagspace we'd save as well. Oh my Word, THE BANKSPACE :O

#5: Better Item Labelling.

Yeah and more than 20 cloth per stack :P

I know I keep throwing around the 'been here for almost a decade' card with reckless abandon, but it really is becoming an issue. Remembering which raw materials match each Expansion can be hard work, and if like me you like to retain a stack of the old things it would really help if not only stuff stacked in larger piles, but you knew if it was still any use. It used to be that grey was the indicator but there are now so many things that we don't need in the world but still drop because it takes time to clean up loot tables... hey Blizzard, if you need someone to sit with the database and tick off what we don't need I'll do it, for free, because it annoys me that much now that some items exist without being required, or conversely are listed in recipes but are virtually impossible to locate. Yes I KNOW WHY YOU DID THAT INITIALLY but it's now, like six years later, and I wanna mog with these! I am aware Blizzard have flagged the 'stacking shizzle in bigger piles' issue with a slide at Blizzcon (that's progress!) but really, that's not going far enough. There's so much else you could do. Stack Ichor of Undeath to 200 like you do with all the other Elemental shizzle and I WILL love you long time. No, really.

You will no doubt have your own (to the comments with you!) but those are the five that bother me the most. I'm pretty easily pleased, I think... I just wonder how much of what I'd like see changed will come to pass as a feasible reality. I keep hoping I'll not have long to wait to find out...


dobablo said...

Fishing is sorted out. Skill is irrelivent (if you stick to ponds and I can't think why not to) so all the extra bits are just junk (and to get me kicked from LFR with I top the dps with a fishing rod as my accidental main weapon).

A account-wide central depot would be a nice addition to the garrison, especially if we can craft directly to/from it. A garrison bank could be a very helpful "guild" bank for your alts.

Evlyxx said...

Two quality of life change I'd like to see is to be able to jump off a taxi before it arrives at the drop off point selected at take-off.

Often I end up flying over the location I want to go to while on the taxi.

The second is to fix flight points so you go the most direct route possible. Examples of this include the flight around the Argent Tournament Grounds "tour" and the silly paths like from Pawdon Village to Timeless Isle (alliance) takes me not direct but up to Dawn's Blossom and then back down to Timeless Isle.

Andy Farrell said...

I think if there was to be account-wide storage, it'd have to be in addition to the current system. GW2 has only account-wide storage (and account-wide almost everything else, really), but space is pretty limited unless you buy (indirectly with £/$) more.

Stacking, yeah, they really need to sort that out. There's really not a sensible reason why stacks are limited to 20 in most cases.

One really nice thing, again from GW2, would be some kind of 'salvage' functionality. It's a bit like disenchanting, but instead of shards or dust or whatever, you get the raw materials the items was made from (ore, cloth, leather etc.). In GW2 it's done with Salvage Kits, but in WoW I could see it being profession-specific: blacksmiths salvaging swords and plate, for example.

Also maybe make gatherable nodes gatherable by everyone, same way rares on Lootistics Isle are lootable by everyone.

TheGrumpyElf said...

I would love an additional "bank" like the one that have in diablo. Where anything in it can be access by all your characters.

I think the reason they do not do that is because it would allow the transfer of items to be sold between accounts on different servers, but there is one solution to that. Only things soulbound can be put in it.

Would have been a reasonable solution for the BoAs, more so than adding the tab that is coming for warlords, and it would be amazing for getting those BoP items that you got on the "wrong" character over to the right character.

Headless horsemen helm on my hunter? Put it in there so my warrior can wear it. Ahunes sword on a character that can not wield a sword, no problem, throw it in your account bank.

Making a bank that can be accessed by all characters is WAY over due.

R said...

My current list would differ from my usual list but I'll post the current one since it's ... current.

1) Fix CRZ transitions between zones, if I have a someone on a mount with me or following me, track that info and when we're in the new zone, resume it. That does sometimes happen (I've had toons dropped from mounts magically yoinked back into the sidecar) but mostly it doesn't. It should.

2) While Altaholic and Bagnon and other add-ons offer this functionality I'd like it be integrated into the base UI... item tracking across toons. If I hover over Ghost Iron Ore I want to see which of my toons has some and where it is. Doesn't need to be quite the level of detail you can get from the Search function in Altaholic (6th guild bank tab, 3rd column, 6th row) but just that it's in a bag or equipped or in a bank or in someone's mailbox would be great.

3) It's time for an in-game mail revamp... limited to 12 items/stacks per mail? Why? Only being able to show 50 mail messages at once? Fine sometimes but not when I have 723 failed auction listings coming back at once, it shouldn't take me half an hour just to get those back out of the mail. Postal is nice but it just slightly improves what we have, what we have needs to be significantly improved. I'd also kill for a toggle for "warn me if I'm sending something to a toon that ISN'T MINE!" that normally isn't an issue for me but it's happened a few times over the years.

4) "There is no loot" when opening a quest chest right after someone else has done it. Sometimes the item is right there again, many times (most times) it isn't and you have to wait 5-10 seconds until it's there. This is fine when you NOTICE that you didn't get loot, I often don't and have to schlep back to the location after going back to the quest giver and not being able to turn in.

5) All quest NPCs and quest items and mailboxes and flight masters and pretty much ANYTHING you'd want to interact with should have those fancy invisible boxes around them like they used a wee bit at the start of MoP (Alliance side, I recall that the quest folks on the original ship, both before and after travel, as well as the quest turn-in guy within the first combat area had them... not sure I saw any afterward). Those worked perfectly and are still in the game so they obviously didn't break anything significant. I'd prefer to avoid griefers entirely than to have to report them.

6) (Bonus) The stupid train thing that always seems to be dropped when I'm in the AH needs to be removed from the game entirely (and I'd like to see players billed 1000g for each one they had on them at time of removal). I can't think of any other item in the game that's only ever used for evil but if any others fall into that category, dump them as well.

7) (Extra Bonus) When in a party, have gathering XP from mining and herbing be split among the group who are in range, if your group-mates have to wait while you go trying to figure out how the hell to get that herb that's just slightly up out of your reach (maybe if I hit space HARDER!) they should at least share in the results. Skinning indirectly offers this already since you get the XP from the kill, not the skin itself.